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Karl then talked Harry through the steps of removing the FTP server from the instructor's machine, and erasing the audit trail so there would be no evidence of what they had done--only the stolen file, left where it could be located easily. As a final step, they posted a section of the source code on Usenet directly from the instructor's computer. Only a section, so they wouldn't do any great damage to the company, but leaving clear tracks directly back to the instructor. He would have some difficult explaining to do. Analyzing the Con Although it took the combination of a number of elements to make this escapade work, it could not have succeeded without some skill-ful playacting of an appeal for sympathy and help: I'm getting yelled at by my boss, and management is up in arms, and so on. That, combined with a pointed explanation of how the man on the other end of the phone could help solve the problem, proved to be a powerfully convincing con. It worked here, and has worked many other times. The second crucial element: The man who understood the value of the file was asked to send it to an address within the company. And the third piece of the puzzle: The computer operator could see that the file had been transferred to him from within the company. That could only mean--or so it seemed--that the man who sent it to him could himself have sent it on to the final destination if only his external network connection had been working. What could possibly be wrong with helping him out by sending it for him But what about having the compressed file assigned a different name Seemingly a small item, but an important one. The attacker couldn't afford taking a chance of the file arriving with a name identifying it as source code, or a name related to the product. A request to send a file with a name like that outside the company might have set off alarm bells. Having the file re-labeled with an innocuous name was crucial. As worked out by the attackers, the second young man had no qualms about sending the file outside the company; a file with a name like new data, giving no clue as to the true nature of the information, would hardly make him suspicious. MITNICK MESSGAE
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The corporate culture Characteristics valued in employees The organization s goals and vision for the future Projected areas of growth and expansion Difficulties facing the organization
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The pattern ^[a-z]{1,6}\d*$ means:
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A student identifer (9 characters) A password (up to 16 characters) A tutorial group number Five numeric fields that represent marks obtained in five assessable components of some course. (An entry of 1 indicates that no work has yet been submitted by a student for a particular assessable component.) The following SQL fragment illustrates a way to define and populate the table.
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Figure 2.1 provides a view of how your organization can revolve around your corporate Semantic Web, impacting virtually every piece of your organization. If you can gather all of it together, organize it, and know where to find it, you can capitalize on it. Only when you bring the information together with semantics will this information lead to knowledge that enables your staff to make well-informed decisions. Chances are, your organization has a lot of information that is not utilized. If your organization is large, you may unknowingly have projects within your company that duplicate efforts. You may have projects that could share lessons learned, provide competitive intelligence information, and save you a lot of time and work. If you had a corporate knowledge base that could be searched and analyzed by software agents, you could have Web-based applications that save you a lot of time and money. The following sections provide some of these examples.
2. Small Business Edition: Supports up to three users operating in a collaborative environment to generate budgets, forecasts, and financial reports 3. Enterprise Edition: An enterprise-wide application for use by finance executives and departmental/line managers to foster a more collaborative and participatory planning environment
is called the angular momentum operator because when, multiplied by h, it represents the angular momentum of quantum wave mechanics. Note that, when the cross product of r is taken with (in spherical coordinates), only the and terms are produced so we can see that L operates only on the angular variables (not on fl [kr] or gl [kr]) so r L = 0 (6.102)
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