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- IMSI - Measurement Report
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Limiting log on banner information and password enumeration during log on. Providing warning banners prior to log in to deter unauthorized use Providing for adequate and sustained virus protection
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truss provides much the same functionality as a combined ltrace and strace on Solaris.
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1. Porcino D. and Hirt W., Ultra-wideband radio technology: potential and challenges ahead, IEEE Communications Magazine, pp. 66 74, July 2003. 2. IEEE P802.15.3 Draft Standard for Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems LAN/MAN Speci c Requirements Part 15.3: Wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specs for High Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN);, 2003. 3. Zhang H. and Hou J. C., Capacity of Wireless ad Hoc Networks under Ultra Wide Band with Power Constraint, Proc. of IEEE Infocom 2005, March 2005. 4. Cuomo F., Martello C., Baiocchi A. and Capriotti F., Radio resource sharing for ad hoc networking with UWB, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 20, no. 9, pp. 1722 1732, December 2002. 5. Radunovic B. and Le Boudec J. Y., Optimal power control, scheduling and routing in UWB networks, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 22, no. 7, pp. 1252 1270, September 2004. 6. Erseghe T., Laurenti N., Nicoletti P. and Sivieri A., An algorithm for radio resource management in UWB ad hoc networks with concurrent guaranteed service and best effort traf c, Proc. of WPMC 2004, Italy, September 2004. 7. Di Benedetto M. G., De Nardis L., Junk M. and Giancola G., (UWB)2: uncoordinated, wireless, baseborn medium access for UWB communication networks, Mobile Networks and Applications special issue on WLAN Optimization at the MAC and Network Levels, vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 663 674, October 2005.
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Select and design user access system.
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Introduction independently handled form. The data that are returned when a form is submitted comprise the information entered into each of the input controls declared within the starting <form ...> and ending </form> tags. A form does not determine the layout of the input controls in the browser window; other HTML tags, such as table tags, can be used to arrange the input controls, along with any associated labels or other surrounding text. The form tag has a number of attributes; these include:
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against losses in other subsidiaries or the parent company, called firewalls, was not a simple matter and needed to be fully defined. Greenspan supported a bill before the Senate, dubbed the Proxmire-Garn bill. It was more properly called the Financial Modernization Act of 1987. The name proved long-lasting although it would be more than a decade before it became law. After considering the options, the Fed came out in favor of a compromise in which smaller banks could establish securities affiliates and still answer only to their primary regulator, the FDIC or the comptroller of the currency. The only stipulation was that the Fed, as regulator of holding companies, would retain tight control of the securities activities at the holding companies within its orbit. The technical side of the argument was much more arcane. It involved having subsidiaries at the major bank holding companies that would legally operate on their own, being considered legally separate entities from the parent. Under this idea, known as the doctrine of corporate separateness, the parent would not be held liable for the losses at a subsidiary because the subsidiary would be standing alone and the corporate veil would not be pierced even if it lost substantially. A week later, Greenspan testified before a House banking subcommittee. Again advocating a repeal of Glass-Steagall, he said that he wanted banks to engage in a broad variety of underwriting activities. He made clear the idea of separateness. The safeguard was that the activities would be confined to a separate affiliate of a holding company. While momentum was building in some influential circles, it was having the opposite effect in others. Even if Proxmire could convince the Senate of the merits of his proposed bill, sympathy in the House was lacking. The chairman of the House Commerce Committee was dead against repeal of the law. His committee was central to any proposal becoming law, and he vowed to block the attempt. The opposition did not surprise onlookers. John David Dingell Jr. was a Democrat from Michigan, first elected to the House to fill the vacancy caused by the death of his father. The elder Dingell, also a Democrat, first entered the lower chamber in March 1933 as
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Microwave System 80 Satellite System 81 Global Positioning System (GPS) 82 Pagers and Cellular Phones 82
Protection of Information Assets
The Grid is emerging as a new paradigm for solving problems in science, engineering, industry and commerce. Increasing numbers of applications are utilizing the Grid infrastructure to meet their computational, storage and other needs. A single site can simply no longer meet all the resource needs of today s demanding applications, and using distributed resources can bring many bene ts to application users. The deployment of Grid systems involves the ef cient management of heterogeneous, geographically distributed and dynamically available resources. However, the effectiveness of a Grid environment is largely dependent on the effectiveness and ef ciency of its schedulers, which act as localized resource brokers. Figure 6.1 shows that user tasks, for example, can be submitted via Globus to a range of resource management and job scheduling systems, such as Condor [1], the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) [2], the Portable Batch System (PBS) [3] and the Load Sharing Facility (LSF) [4]. Grid scheduling is de ned as the process of mapping Grid jobs to resources over multiple administrative domains. A Grid job can
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