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8: Project 3: MP3 Player for Pocket PC 207
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As with the test drive, the car builder testing approaches can be described by common testing terminology. Examine Static testing (observe, read, or review without actually building the car) Perform Functional and structural testing (work different features of the car models, mock-ups, and manufactured subassemblies) Drive Performance testing (work different features of the car in the prototypes) Because you have probably not built a car, it might be helpful to nd examples from a book that details the car-building steps and the manner in which those steps are tested during real car development. [8] Example of static testing Read the description of wind tunnel testing that showed changing shapes on the wheel wells would allow the car to achieve 180 mph which became the target speed for road tests later. Example of test planning Read the estimate of the number of prototypes to be built for testing the C5, around one hundred, compared with the 300 or more expected to be built for normal car pre-production testing. These prototypes were expected to be used for all static and dynamic (road) testing prior to the start of assembly line production. In fact, some of the prototypes were used to plan and calibrate assembly line production steps. Read the description of nal prototype endurance tests that include driving the test car on a closed track at full throttle for a full 24 hours, stopping only for gas and driver changes. Examples of functional and structural testing Read the description of heater and air conditioner testing in which drivers would see how soon the heater made things comfortable in freezing weather. In summer, one internal environment test would let a Corvette sit under the desert sun for 3 hours, then the test driver would get in, close the doors, start the car and air-conditioning to monitor the system until the driver stopped sweating. Read the description of body surface durability testing which involved driving into a car-wash solution of corrosive salt and chemicals that caused the car to experience the equivalent of a decade of corrosion exposure.
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for that matter, are all identity issues at their root. Privileges are associated with individuals. There is an implicit assumption that the individual is who they say they are at the point in the process where these permissions are handed out. Because none of this happens in the physical world where human recognition processes would be used, surrogate processes are used to approximate the human ones in the logical environment. Identification and how it is established is your first step in investigating the access and control of the computing resources assignments. You will want to assess the processes that are used to identify people and note how this identity is validated and recorded. You will have to ask yourself what constitutes the sufficient identification of a person and to whom is it being validated. Signing up on a Web page as Daffy Duck is a favorite example used to illustrate how identity can be misrepresented when few controls are in place. Is a picture ID sufficient proof of identity Does identification need to be established in person Does a background check need to be performed Should a government entity be used to validate identity before credentials are issued All of these questions require risk-based decisions by the management of the organization. You should determine the reasoning behind accepting a level of risk associated with the identification methods that are used. This will help you to understand how important being accountable for the actions taken by any given user actually is to the business and management decision makers. There are factors related to time and money that must be considered as well as convenience issues to examine when evaluating the adequacy of the processes established for identity management. Face-to-face identification is a strong process but requires a lot of time and administration overhead to be managed properly. Systems that are used to establish the identity of users can be deployed in fixed locations but without an attendant, ensuring that the procedures are properly performed by those identifying themselves, spoofing and masquerading can result. Using the hiring process through a supervisor or human resource department can be a reasonable control as long as the actual issuance of the ID to the preidentified person can be validated through some kind of control process that provides a reasonable assurance that the ID is not misapplied. Another good way to manage the control of identity that is currently popular is to trap a key personal secret phrase. This phrase can subsequently be used to match the response given later to validate the person s identity when account servicing is required. Many ways to apply this can be circumvented with a little social engineering, so risks and due diligence must be considered. Having the enrollee pick from a series of questions and applying a personal answer to the selected question may seem like a lot of work to reach identity verification. However, it works a lot more
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Aligning Web Goals with Corporate Goals
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Occasional Log File Report-Map in Hand, Window Open
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Listing 8.5 An instance document with added credit history information (PersonList03.xml).
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Hotel proximity to meeting places Hotel room preferences (nonsmoking, king, bar, wireless network in lobby) Rental car options and associated rewards Price (lodging and transportation per diem rates for your company)
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#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> int function(char *arg) { int var1; char buf[80]; int var2;
One outcome of preparing the test plan is a list of test cases needed for each development phase. Test cases are initially identi ed by the testing team as highlevel testing requirements from the new application s business requirements, business risks, or software speci cations. As the developers identify more and more details about the new application, the testers expand the description of the test case to include very detailed testing instructions and expected outcomes. The test team manager might say, at this phase of development, we need to test all the data entry screens. This would cause the test team to identify all the data entry screens to be developed and the general business functions these data entry screens will support. For example, if the application under test was a payroll system, then there might be six groups of data entry screens: employee personal information, employee bene ts information, employee tax information, state tax information, and federal tax information. To keep testing execution management
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