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In the uplink, the value is the same for all mobiles, since it is calculated at the base station receiver. For well isolated cells, e.g. indoor pico cells, the value of i is small, ranging around 0.1. For cells with bad cell decoupling, e.g. macrocells, it may be 10 times or more the value of indoor cells. This implies a very high influence of other cells and hence loss in capacity and coverage of the own cell. Such situation should be avoided by means of proper radio planning or optimisation. The typical values of the i-factor in the uplink are shown in the Table 10.12, taking into account a uniform traffic distribution. In the locations closer to the serving cell, the i-factor decreases and the cell capacity and coverage rise. In the locations away from the serving cell, the i-factor rises and the cell capacity and coverage accordingly decrease. For some other details about the i-factor, please consult 9. In the downlink, the i-factor depends on the location of the mobile, thus its value is different for each user. On the other hand, for dimensioning purposes, it is usually assumed that the traffic is uniformly distributed over the entire network; thus, each cell serves the same amount of traffic. Taking into account Equation (10.11), the total inference can expressed as: Itotal = Iown 1 + i + Iother_system + N (10.12)
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22-5.VBS set set set set tool = CreateObject( listview.tool ) icontool = CreateObject( icon.handler ) fs = CreateObject( Scripting.FileSystemObject ) wshshell = CreateObject( WScript.Shell )
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The application is started when the class MainClass is executed. This class displays the list of the services available. The three services, as we have seen, are Weather, Movies, and News. If the user decides to quit and presses the Exit button, the destroyApp method is called for the MIDlet MainClass, and the application closes. If, instead, the user decides to further explore and selects the Weather service, another class, Weather, is called. This class, in turn, calls the class DataParser, which parses the XML and throws the result. The data thrown is entered into the device database (RecordStore). Now, if the user presses the Cancel button, the MIDlet Weather is destroyed. At this stage, the user is shown a list of cities for which the weather report is available. If the user selects a city and presses the OK button, data is read from the device s database and displayed to the user. There are two buttons, labeled Back and Cancel. Pressing Cancel results in the MIDlet Weather being destroyed as before. Pressing Back takes the user to the previous screen. The second service is Movies. If the user selects this service, a class MoviesList is called. This class, in turn, calls the parseDataMovies method of the DataParser. As a result, the list of movie halls is
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B1 (T, n, m, p0 , , , , ) = 2
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10.3 L = 0.1022 nH. 10.4 L = 1.134 nH. 10.5 L = 0.1 nH, = 1.348 m, LHF = 0.0134 nH. 10.6 L = 1.37 nH. 10.7 L = 39.47 nH. 10.8 D = 1000 m, L = 42.64 nH. 10.9 D = 1000 m, L = 43.21 nH. 10.10 D = 1500 m, L = 354.8 nH. 10.11 D = 1000 m, L = 45 nH. 10.12 D = 1000 m, l = 21060 m, L = 59.13 nH. 10.13 D = 1000 m, L = 41.855 nH. 10.14 l = 22140 m, b = 183.33 m, L = 54.59 nH. 10.15 L = 495.679 nH. 10.16 D = 1000 m, L = 36.571 nH. 10.17 D = 520 m, L = 5.75 nH. 10.18 D = 1000 m, L = 122.38 nH. 10.19 lc = 380 m, L = 13.228 nH.
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Mint in box, brand new Excellent to perfect condition Very good to excellent condition Good to very good condition Okay to good condition Poor to okay condition As is to okay condition
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The WAVE-WP Automaton
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SeAccessCheck is a large and complex function. Disassembling from the start we notice that early on a branch occurs based on the value of the AccessMode parameter:
Be as friendly and down-to-earth as possible with the gatekeeper, and you might be surprised how far you can get. When you do find a direct phone number for the person you want to reach, avoid the gatekeepers all together by calling early in the morning or in the evening when a manager or executive may be more likely to answer his or her own phone.
Table 12.1 Fraction of users and volume in GPRS and UMTS (TR1 , TR2 ).
[deleted] switch (ap->a_magic) { [deleted] case COFF_ZMAGIC: error = exec_ibcs2_coff_prep_zmagic(p, epp, fp, ap); break; [deleted] } | | V int exec_ibcs2_coff_prep_zmagic(p, epp, fp, ap) struct proc *p; struct exec_package *epp; struct coff_filehdr *fp; struct coff_aouthdr *ap;
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