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The next script could be your first real command extension (see Figure 18-4). Save it as DOS.VBS in your Windows folder. From now on, it s easy to switch default hosts. Call the script DOS.VBS without arguments. It switches hosts and reports the active host. Or use DOS on or DOS off as argument. DOS on activates CSCRIPT.EXE, and DOS off activates WSCRIPT.EXE as default host. From now on, right before you start working with your script commands, enter DOS on. Once you are finished, enter DOS off.
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How to Interpret the Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What Features Would You Like It to Have . . . . . Where Would You Expect to Find Such a Product . Do You Know of Any Similar Products . . . . . . . How Many Units Are You Likely to Sell . . . . . . . Moving Respondents Nearer a Sale . . . . . . . . . To Sum Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sample Questionnaire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Figure 16.13 Average transmission power of the multimedia traf c versus number of links to be activated: comparison among adaptive selection of MEIs, constant selection of MEIs, and theoretical minimum power.
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H HIS m HIS p CS 1,2 CS 3,4 CS 5,6 CS 7,8 CS 9,10 RVa d RVa Patient 1 Patient 2
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Figure 5.58 Real and imaginary parts of the permittivity of FR-4 compared with the eight-term dim encoder
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Queue for user 2 Queue for user 3 Queue for user M
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The Imaging components can do much more than just scanning. If you want to, you can use the edit control to display scanned images and use the thumb control to show thumbnail previews of scanned pictures. However, these features are a different story. The COM component demonstrates how to link a scan control to the edit control. This allows for actually viewing the scan as it takes place (see Figure 21-6). Make sure you have set ShowSetup to false because otherwise the official scan dialog box will cover your own scanning preview.
coverage area is affected by the type of antenna and by the propagation characteristics of the radio band. In addition, the near-to-mast `shadow' area needs to be taken into consideration (e.g. with a 78 vertical aperture, an antenna at 60 metres height will have a `shadow' (the area on the ground before the antenna is `visible' of about 500 metres). The tool should also help to assess negative effects of re ections, multipath, Fresnel Zone obstruction, disturbance from neighbouring base stations or systems operated locally by other network operators, etc.
Exhibit 18.6
international standards for hedge funds, since Long-Term Capital was formally based in the Cayman Islands. There have been modest steps in this direction, though most hedge funds are still located legally in offshore havens to limit their U.S. tax exposure, as explained later. The report included recommendations for expanded risk assessment authority over nonregulated af liates of broker-dealers. But efforts in this area were totally ineffective. (See 6.) Finally, the report included recommendations for more frequent and meaningful publication of information on hedge funds and the exposure of nancial institutions to hedge funds. However, these recommendations were not implemented. In 2007, Timothy Geithner, then President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, publicly warned that Wall Street lenders were not receiving enough information from hedge funds with high leverage ratios (the ratio of a fund s average assets to its capital).42 Looking at the balance sheet of most hedge funds, their assets were in the range of 2 6 times capital.43 In the summer of 2008, when Wall Street banks began to recognize large losses in mortgage-backed securities, the banks called in the margin loans of some highly leveraged hedge funds, which also were faced with rising redemption requests from their clients. To raise cash, these hedge funds sold securities, contributing to the glut of debt securities on the market and to the rapid drop in the prices of more liquid stocks. Called before a Congressional committee in mid-November of 2008, the heads of ve large hedge funds offered to provide data on their activities directly or indirectly to the Federal Reserve, so it could monitor their systemic risk. But these managers had one condition: that their data not be released to the public so that they could continue to pursue their proprietary trading strategies.44 Congress should require all large hedge funds (e.g., over $25 billion in assets) to submit regular con dential reports to the SEC, which should pass them onto the Federal Reserve (or whatever agency is designated to monitor systemic risk. See 14.) A requirement for such reports was endorsed by Treasury Secretary Geithner.45 But what information should these reports contain
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