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A pink glow spreads across the East River as the sun rises. Soon one of America s biggest cities comes to life, and commuters board the subways and flood the streets, avenues, and highways leading into Manhattan and its financial district. To the west, Chicago is also coming to life. Traders walk into the executive offices of some of the world s biggest commodity clearing firms while pit traders step into their soon-to-be-frantic spaces on the floors of the exchanges. Throughout the trading districts of the United States, the business of the financial markets gets underway. At 8:30 AM Central Time, trading opens on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and contracts also start changing hands in the pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and other trading hubs across America. With the sun shinning brightly on our shores, the eyes of the world focus on Wall Street (see Figure 6.1). America s critics may find a lot of faults with the red, white, and blue, but the United States still boasts the world s largest and most technologically powerful economy. The average per capita income exceeds $40,000
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8.3.2 Tunable Monolithic Lasers
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Schema terminology) complex types because they would typically have attributes. There would be little point in declaring a simple type empty element, which would have no attributes or text content.
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As mentioned in the previous section, ontologies are usually expressed in a logic-based knowledge representation language, so that fine, accurate, consistent, sound, and meaningful distinctions can be made among the classes, instances, properties, attributes, and relations. Some ontology tools can perform automated reasoning using the ontologies, and thus provide advanced services to intelligent applications such as conceptual/semantic search and retrieval (non-keyword based), software agents, decision support, speech and natural language understanding, knowledge management, intelligent databases, and electronic commerce.
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You can have a negated character class; the characters given in the definition must start with the ^ character. For example, the character class [^0-9] matches anything except a digit. Perl has a number of predefined character classes:
struct struct struct struct struct } TREE; #define #define #define #define #define #define #define _t_ _t_ _t_ _t_ _t_ *t_p; *t_l; *t_r; *t_n; *t_d;
Social Psychologist
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