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Even youngsters learning English can benefit from a book. You can find multimedia resources to work with and all kinds of games and quizzes. Some popular courses for children and teenagers are: Playway to English by Gerngross and Puchta, a series published by Cambridge University Press for very young children. Join In by Gerngross and Puchta, a series published by Cambridge University Press for very young children. Backpack by Herrera and Pinkley, a series published by Longman for primary school children. English World by Hocking and Bowen, a new series published by Macmillan for primary school children. Top Score by Falla and Davies, a series published by Oxford University Press for teenagers.
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Figure 8.9 Accessing Web services in a Web portal via a portlet
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Figure 10-13: News Category.
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Appendix A Search Engine Optimization (or Winner Takes All) or Followup techniques are discussed in more detail in 15, Clinching the Deal.
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You can find the project on the companion CD: open \components\ iehelper\iehelper.vbp. Or install the precompiled package: \install\ iehelper\setup.exe.
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true (or is not 0) will execute the block of code that follows it. Should no condition be met, then VBScript executes the block after else. If you omit else altogether, code will only be executed if at least one condition equals true (or is not 0). Code that follows end if will be executed in either case. The shortest way to call if looks like this:
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