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<!-- global declarations of some elements --> <xsd:element name = "body" type = "xsd:string"/> <xsd:element name = "wheels" type = "xsd:string"/> <xsd:element name = "engine" type = "xsd:string"/>
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* Tag for (0..n) repeatable optional sub-element
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Figure 14.25 Entrainment mapping of ventricular tachycardia. Pacing during tachycardia yields almost the same QRS morphology as during tachycardia. The interval between the stimulus and an endocardial signal recorded from a distant site matches the interval between the electrogram and the endocardial signal (arrowheads). In addition, the interval between the last paced beat and the first electrogram will be the same as the tachycardia cycle length (double-headed arrows).
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HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { // Pick up form data String activity = request.getParameter("Activity"); String rate = request.getParameter("Rate"); // Perform limited validation of submitted data if((activity==null) || (rate==null) || (activity.equals("")) || (rate.equals(""))) { response.sendRedirect("/combo/BadData.html"); return; } double drate = 0.0; try { drate = Double.parseDouble(rate); } catch(Exception e) { response.sendRedirect("/combo/BadData.html"); return; } // Need to check against existing records; obtain // the RatesTable from the shared ServletContext ServletContext ctx = getServletContext(); RatesRecord rates = (RatesRecord) ctx.getAttribute("RatesTable"); if(rates==null) { // Must be first user, create a record to hold data // as already in database rates = new RatesRecord(); ctx.setAttribute("RatesTable", rates); } // Get existing rate; if 0, it's a new record double dcurrent = rates.getRate(activity); boolean ok = true; // Invoke insert or update operation on database if(dcurrent==0.0) ok = addActivity(activity, drate); else if(dcurrent != drate) ok = updateActivity(activity, drate); // Remove rates table from context - that will force next servlet // to load an updated copy ctx.removeAttribute("RatesTable"); // Warn user if there were database problems if(!ok) { response.sendRedirect("/combo/NoDB.html");
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Transport Layer (WDP) Bearers:
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E ( x ) = E0(a x i a y )eik2 z H ( x ) = (1 2 ) a z E ( x ) = 2 2 iE ( x ) application datamatrix barcode
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Over time, assets can be transferred from Level 2 to Level 3 if their markets become inactive and distressed. For example, as 2008 progressed, investor demand for commercial mortgages and commercial mortgagebacked securities withered. This caused many banks to reclassify those assets as Level 3 and mark them to model. Goldman Sachs, for instance, transferred a net $3.2 billion of assets from Level 2 to Level 3 between November 2007 and November 2008. As the company s 2008 annual report explained, this increase principally [re ected] transfers from Level 2 . . . of loans and securities backed by commercial real estate, re ecting reduced price transparency for these nancial instruments. 11 Although FAS157 has been helpful in providing nancial institutions with a framework for judging the fair value of an asset, its implementation could be improved. The Level 3 classi cation was probably underutilized in 2008. Management teams at various nancial institutions have stated privately that they were reluctant to reclassify too many assets as Level 3 because of uncertainty about the exact parameters of that classi cation and potential legal challenges to classifying certain assets as Level 3.
ing against the new quantum theory just as your opponents argue about relativity theory. But even this friendly admonition went unheard.15
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