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XML Schema is a definition language that enables you to constrain conforming XML documents to a specific vocabulary and a specific hierarchical structure. The things you want to define in your language are element types, attribute types, and the composition of both into composite types (called complex types). XML Schema is analogous to a database schema, which defines the column names and data types in database tables. XML Schema became a W3C Recommendation (synonymous with standard) on May 5, 2001. XML Schema is not the only definition language, and you may hear about others like Document Type Definitions (DTDs), RELAX NG, and Schematron (see the sidebar titled Other Schema Languages ). As shown in Figure 3.5, we have two types of documents: a schema document (or definition document) and multiple instance documents that conform to the schema. A good analogy to remember the difference between these two types of documents is that a schema definition is a blueprint (or template) of a type and each instance is an incarnation of that template. This also demonstrates the two roles that a schema can play:
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Future technologies American Industry Classification System) that characterize a business s activities (e.g. Microsoft Corporation has an entry that records it as an instance of the NAICS Software Publisher category). The business services data contain descriptions of services offered along with binding templates that specify these services. Services are not limited to HTTP-based web services; a company may list things like fax contacts, phone lines for help desks , and mail and ftp servers. Even if an entry is given for a uddi-org:http binding, this may simply represent the URL of one of the company s web pages. A business service entry for an actual web service will include a reference to a tmodel record; among other data, this tmodel record will include a link to the WSDL interface definition for the service. (There is no direct analog of the CORBA trader properties section that allowed quality of service parameters to accompany an advertised interface.)
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Cluster Member Table Destination Clusterhead J Sequence Number 95
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13, Security and Your Home Server : The addition of a Windows Home Server brings with it both new tools for maintaining the security of your home network as well as new responsibilities. 13 discusses how Windows Home Server will help you monitor the health of your home network, and also covers some of the unique security challenges that Windows Home Server might introduce. 14, Expanding Your Windows Home Server : One of the best features of Windows Home Server is that in addition to solving very specific problems for home users, it is also a fully functional server operating system and Microsoft has developed specific features that let third-party developers provide special software packages called add-ins that can be installed to Windows Home Server. The general process for adding and removing add-ins is covered, and several currently available add-ins are highlighted.
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Network Servers
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14.8 Point-to-Multipoint
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Does it matter that I m not a native speaker
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Developing security standards to give direction to the organization for technically specific issues and emerging technologies Ensuring that contingency planning programs are developed, maintained, and tested to the satisfaction of the business owners Developing the overall security architecture for the IS organization and ensuring that the systems and components existing and planned will fit the architecture, support the security direction of the organization as a whole, and determine what compromises or accommodations will be necessary as a result of noncompliant business decisions Developing the overall security program, which includes periodic risk assessments, the planning of countermeasures, and controls deployment to reduce identified risks to acceptable levels based on input from the business owners Implementing the various components of the security program, managing the budgets and staff scheduling for those implementation projects, and managing the resultant processes Ensuring that security-related problems are identified, tracked, and resolved in a timely manner and in a way that prevents the problem and those similar to it from reoccurring Managing the security staff, ensuring that they are properly trained and have the tools, authority, and clearly assigned tasks necessary to be successful Ensuring that the security tasks are performed for the IS organization in a manner that preserves independence, ethical behavior, and a segregation of duties to properly control security where full-time security assignments are not employed Ensuring that all employees are routinely made aware of security policy, their respective obligations, and accountabilities for the protection of information assets through awareness programs and training related to information security Developing processes to ensure that application and systems administrators are compliant with the information security policies and standards in the discharge of their job functions; developing procedures as required to facilitate this process Ensuring that all users of the information assets are uniquely identified and assigned access levels commensurate with the direction of
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XSD has another element called <xsd:attributeGroup>. (Groupings of attitudes will be discussed in detail in 7, but at this point you should be aware of the existence of this other element and familiarize yourself with its overall function.) This element enables you to group together a set of attributes which then can be used within multiple <xsd:element> instances. This feature not only improves the organization and readability of many schemas, but also enables you to import the group into another schema. (Importation into other schema will be discussed in detail in 9, Uniqueness and Keys in XSD Schema. ) Suppose, for example, that we had an element called <radio> that had attributes for the types of media it played, the number of speakers, treble, base, and volume settings. Because treble, base, and volume have to do with the sound level and quality, we might wish to group them together. A snippet of XSD code defining this element might look like the following:
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Consider performing the sampling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Mondays represent a work week startup challenge from the weekend and might not portray the sustained work levels accurately. Fridays represent a workweek closedown for the weekend and might introduce inaccuracies similar to Mondays. Consider sampling a couple of times midmorning and midafternoon to get a good representative day-long work level. Consider timing the actual start/ nish of four or ve completion certi cates in a row once the measurement has started. The average time for completing certi cates will be the number that the new computer system data entry screen must beat. CPI also alerts DSA to reenforce the data clerks understanding that the time motion study is to gain measurements for tuning the new computer system, not for evaluating their current job performance. Lacking that reenforcement, the data entry clerks might view the study as testing them to see how much work they can do, which will completely skew the results. When DSA does the time motion study, they nd out that the manual completion certi cate typing takes from 10 min per certi cate for experienced data entry staff to 15 min per certi cate for inexperienced data entry staff. The testing team suggested that a fourfold decrease in time per certi cate is a minimum goal to keep the data entry staff size at for at least the next 2 years because the workload seems to be doubling each year. Using the DSA time motion study numbers, the PT-03.0 slowest data entry screen response time for an experienced data entry clerk is 2.5 min per certi cate. An inexperienced data entry clerk needs to be able to complete certi cate entry using the same screen in no more than 3.75 min per certi cate. Because all DSA data entry clerks will be inexperienced on the new system, the 3.75 min per certi cate goal is expected rst. If the data entry screen is designed for ease of use, then the more experienced data entry clerk should be able to demonstrate increased speeds approaching the 2.5 min per certi cate in less than 2 weeks of practice. All of these measurements and assumptions need to be documented in PT-03.0 for execution measurement in the Preliminary construction stage.
As with the letters for definite openings, you ll find samples of these types of letters later in this chapter.
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