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Figure 2.7 (Above) Photograph that includes ash
null-termination of strings and are frequently found within loops or introduced by common string functions. In many cases, these vulnerabilities are exploitable, and they have been found in some widely deployed applications in the past. For example, the following code was found in Apache 2 prior to 2.0.46, and was patched somewhat silently:
After his postdoctoral fellowship at SLAC, Arkani-Hamed was at Berkeley for a few years. Then in 2001, Harvard appointed him to a professorship. Along with Lisa Randall s appointment around the same time and Andrew Strominger s in 1998, this was a bold new direction for Harvard s physics department. Harvard was vying with Princeton, Stanford, Caltech, Santa Barbara, and other more established string and M-theory centers to become one of America s leading brane banks. At Harvard, Arkani-Hamed has decided to take a different direction in his research. Following the maxim that a collaborator of one s collaborator would make a good collaborator, he and Howard Georgi have been diligently working together. Besides, they are just down the hall from each other, saving greatly on travel costs. Georgi is extremely open to collaborative discussions, as indicated by a prominent sign in front of his office that reads, If the door is open, please walk in and have a seat. Under the message is another that says, P.S. That s right, don t knock. Just walk right in. Below that is P.P.S. I really mean it. A nearby bust of Einstein gazes intensely upon all who approach, making sure they follow these directions. The new joint project, along with Boston University theorist Andrew Cohen, is called Deconstructing Dimensions. In literary theory, deconstruction is a movement started in the 1960s by French philosopher Jacques Derrida that involves a special method for analyzing texts. The term has since passed into popular usage to designate ways of breaking down bodies of thought into their fundamental aspects. In this spirit, Arkani-Hamed, Cohen, and Georgi hope to distill the very basis of physical dimensions from completely dimensionless constructs. (A second group from Fermilab has published a competing proposal along similar lines.) Ironically, their approach brings M-theory more in line with the Syracuse program as expressed by Bergmann and others of transcending the framework of space-time geometry. In performing this feat, it would make the idea of a universal beginning even more mysterious. In the most radical version of this hypothesis, not only would
The necessity of follow-up
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