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if( { value = rset.getInt("number"); } else { stmt.close(); return -1; } value++; // Write back updated value request = "update memnum set number=" + value + " where fortable='members'"; stmt.executeUpdate(request); stmt.close(); // Deal with membership record PreparedStatement pstmt = db.prepareStatement( "insert into members values( , , , , , )"); pstmt.setInt(1, value); pstmt.setString(2, givenName); pstmt.setString(3, familyName); pstmt.setString(4, eMail); pstmt.setString(5, sex); pstmt.setInt(6, age); pstmt.executeUpdate(); idnumber = value; db.commit(); } } catch (Exception e) { db.rollback(); System.out.println("Exception " + e); } return idnumber; }
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That doesn t mean, of course, that they won t find some objection to your candidacy that is a legally justifiable reason for rejecting you.
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2.9 Rather than use the approximate values from Figure 2.20, compute the exact transmission coef cients for nglass = 1.45 and nair = 1.00 and nd the resultant the intensity of light that propagates through the projection room glass assuming a 50%/50% polarization from the carbon-arc lamp. Find the value of glass thickness using the principles of section 9.2 for a radome transmitter that will pass a maximum intensity of light through the projection booth window at Brewster s angle.
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# Change to the tomcat directory - substitute full path name for tomcat cd tomcat # Define environment variables that specify directory locations TOMCAT_HOME=`pwd`; export TOMCAT_HOME # Substitute the correct path for your JDK java system: JAVA_HOME=/packages/java/jdk/1.4.01; export JAVA_HOME # Start the server ./bin/
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The HTTP/1.1 protocol supports sophisticated mechanisms for clients to specify the desired form of content. In fact, the mechanisms are too sophisticated for most web browsers; only a subset of the content negotiation features gets used regularly. A client can express preferences using headers like Accept, Accept-Language and Accept-Charset; these should utilize data entered through the browser s preferences dialogs (e.g. IE: Tools/Internet/Languages etc; Netscape: Edit/Preferences/Navigator/Languages). (There is also an Accept-Encoding header that is used more or less automatically by the browser to indicate whether it can deal with gzip compressed encoded data or other forms of data encoding). The following examples of Accept headers are taken from the HTTP/1.1 specification; they indicate something of the scope for this control mechanism:
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Compile this program using the static option with gcc this prevents dynamic linking, which will preserve our exit syscall:
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DWORD get_mem_size(char *block) { DWORD fnum=0, memsize=0, *frame_ptr=NULL, *prev_frame_ptr=NULL, *stack_base=NULL, *stack_top=NULL; __asm __asm __asm __asm __asm mov mov mov mov mov eax, dword ptr fs:[4] stack_base, eax eax, dword ptr fs:[8] stack_top, eax frame_ptr, ebp
Used for transforming and formatting XML documents
The auditor will need to develop an ability to think like a fraud perpetrator in order to successfully seek out and identify risk factors that may need to be investigated for proper levels of control. A healthy suspicion is an attribute of a good auditor. From all of this gathered information, an internal IS audit plan is devised and approved by the audit committee prior to any individual audit kick-off meeting. This plan is based on the current assessment of residual risk as outlined previously. During this planning process, preliminary scopes and objectives are identified for individual audits. High-level scope and coverage boundaries for a given audit are defined so that schedule times and resource allocation can be determined. It also is necessary for notification of the business units for audit timing and scheduling with the rest of their work schedules. These scopes should provide overall assurance to the audit committee that the material IS-related risks are assessed and reported on. When planning an IS audit, it is important to focus on the goals and objectives of the audit. Always begin with the end in mind. Ask: What needs to be evaluated in order to provide an opinion on the final goal or objective of the audit This is usually the point in the planning process where you have to realistically compromise. You must compromise
Linda Fuller, CFO of DexCo, tells Jim Wilde that she plans to resign in the wake of his announced changes in the company s organization, operations, and strategy. Having just spent a year on Sarbanes Oxley, she fears that his radical changes will ruin DexCo s ability to be compliant and place the company in jeopardy of SEC investigations. To help us understand where Linda is coming from, this chapter then describes the origins of Sarbanes Oxley, starting with its roots in earlier SEC regulations that govern public companies. SOX is the latest addition to a set of laws that help make public companies accountable in their financial disclosures to the markets. The core of Sarbanes Oxley Section 404, which is the most costly and worrisome aspect of the law, is the requirement that public companies attest to the existence of effective internal controls. Using a framework known as COSO, a public company is supposed to go through a process of identifying risks to financial misstatements due to error or fraud and then create, implement, and document internal controls to mitigate against those risks. A public company s auditor is supposed to audit those internal controls and supply management and shareholders with its opinion of those controls. If the
Preventive Controls
Once again, it s easy to locate a function that returns 1 or 0 depending on whether or not a given authentication succeeded. Admittedly in the case of OpenSSH you ll have had to do this by patching the binary file on disk, because OpenSSH spawns a child process that performs the authentication. Still the result of replacing those return 0 statements with return 1 statements is an SSH server to which you can authenticate as any user using any key.
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