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One of the most powerful innovations in XSD Schema is the ability to create new user-defined datatypes that are derived from datatypes provided by the XSD Schema Recommendation itself or from derived datatypes created earlier by you or by other schema authors. The existence of built-in datatypes in XSD Schema takes it substantially beyond the capabilities of DTDs, but the ability to derive new datatypes specifically crafted for a particular use (from either primitive or derived datatypes) is a major advance. In earlier chapters, we have seen (in passing) many examples of deriving new data types. In this chapter, we will focus specifically on how we can use XSD Schema to derive new datatypes in a number of settings. The facility within XSD Schema to derive new datatypes enables the reuse of existing types in a way that is similar to that in which object inheritance is used in object-oriented programming. In creating a derived datatype, we can simply make use of an existing datatype and modify some part of it for our specific intended use. There is no need to code or create new datatypes from scratch we can, as we gain experience in XSD Schema, make use of a growing resource of existing XSD Schema code. This functionality has great advantages in allowing the reuse of code, rather than repetitive creation of new code that then has to go through a full debugging process. As you will see in 10, Bringing the Parts Together, XSD Schema also enables code to be reused outside the schema in which it was created.
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have seen some of these go for over $1,000. Because they were over $20 each, they exceeded my $5 rule, so I should have called a friend with computer access and had her do some research. Or I should finally buy that cell phone with Internet access. I thought I was so smart and spent $200 on these villages. They sold last week for $40 total. I just lost $160 and believe me, I will not buy anything over $5 again without doing my research (at least for the next six months until my memory fades . . . again).
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We Need a Mix of Principles and Rules
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Let s take a look at a store carrying commodity items. What I mean by commodity items are stores that carry new merchandise like sporting goods, electronics, clothing, and toys. What has happened to these retailers is that a lot of their business has moved online, whether to eBay or to other online Web sites. The prices on these Web sites are typically cheaper than in a brick-and-mortar store, because the online retailer is not paying as much as the store in overhead. There s no retail building, not as many employees, not as much loss in theft and breakage, and many other benefits to this online retailer. Looking to eBay, you find that your competition is now coming not only from these other online Web sites, but also from anyone in the world that wants to sell something. What the experts predict is that prices for new commodity items will inch closer and closer to manufacturer s wholesale. Here s why: Suppose Sue in Smyrna, Georgia, receives a brand new set of Wilson golf clubs for her birthday. Sue really doesn t like them, but she doesn t want to offend her Aunt Lois who gave them to her by asking for the receipt to return them to Sportsmart. So, she puts them up for sale on eBay. She doesn t care what she gets for them, because it s all money in her pocket. Aunt Lois paid $300 for the clubs, and Sue would be happy with $99, so that s where she starts the auction. Robin in Houston, Texas, finds Sue s clubs on eBay, sees that they are brand new, and is thrilled to proxy bid up to $175 for them, but she ends up winning the auction for $155. The manufacturer s wholesale price to Sportsmart was $150 plus shipping. Robin got these clubs at very close to the manufacturer s wholesale price. The eBay marketplace is making it very hard for the commodity seller to make a profit, as they are losing money left, right, and center to the online retailers and eBay businesses. This example hurt Sportsmart and other tradtitional retailers because Robin did not go into her local sporting goods store
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Hop directly to: node2, node7, node8 node2 node5 node1
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Professional market research companies make a great play of anonymity of information. However, it is probably in your best interests to ask if you can add the recipient to your contact list for when your product is eventually launched.
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<xsd:complexType name="AddressType"> <xsd:sequence> <xsd:element name="Street" type="xsd:string"/> <xsd:element name="City" type="xsd:string"/> <xsd:element name="State" type="StateType"/> <xsd:element name="ZipCode" type="USZipCodeType"/> </xsd:sequence> </xsd:complexType>
Be careful when cleaning brass, other metal items, and furniture. I have found that many (if not most) collectors enjoy the patina that is found on older metal work, especially bronzes. In this case, you are better off not cleaning it. The same goes for furniture collectors. Oftentimes, the layers of built-up wax and furniture polish over the years are what add to the value. If in doubt, do not clean! Just say in your listing, I have decided to leave the cleaning to the eventual buyer to be extra careful. A light dusting, however, is fine.
Analysis stage
FIGURE 6.5 Optimal zone radius for ZRP, which is neither very proactive nor very reactive. (From [37].)
Quality control relates to activities that ensure the final product is of satisfactory quality. The quality control function is concerned with detecting existing quality deficiencies and preventing future product quality problems. If the quantity produced is small and the final product is expensive, all products are inspected for quality control. However, if a large quantity of the units is produced and they are inexpensive (such as pencils and diskettes), a statistical sample will be used to determine if the quality of this lot of products is acceptable. Total quality management (TQM) is a quality revolution taking place in recent years. It consists of these principles:
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