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The ID and IDREF datatypes of XML 1.0 are limited in the extent to which they can represent relational database structures. The W3C XML Schema Working Group had as one of its objectives the creation of a schema language that would better support relational database structures. The <xsd:key> and <xsd:keyref> elements provide improvements in this context. An ID/IDREF relationship relates to an entire document. Computationally, it can be demanding to process the references in large documents. As you will see, the <xsd:key>/<xsd:keyref> relationships use XPath location paths, thereby defining the scope of the relationship and allowing a processor to focus on accessing only relevant parts of a document. In XML 1.0, an ID type is a datatype. In XSD Schema, it is possible to specify the identity constraint and the datatype separately. XSD Schema extends the facility to define identity constraints to element content. In XML 1.0, the use of the ID attribute was limited to use in attribute values only. One of the principles of database usage is that information should be entered in one place only. Doing so reduces the likelihood of entering incorrect data in one location, of what could be many locations, where the same data is held. It also facilitates changes, corrections, or updates being made to data because the data needs to be changed or updated once only. As an example of the use of the <xsd:key> and <xsd:keyref> elements, let s look at the scenario in which employees in a multinational company have their location specified as part of the data recorded about them. An instance document for employees of is shown in Listing 9.5. Because it is possible that the company might at some future date relocate its offices in a particular locality (in the example, it is Langley), it would be
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Figure 9-24
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This program, for example, will nd paths 2-4-7-8 and 2-4-3 to the rst met noncleaned polygons p8 and p3 for robot 3 staying in p2, as shown in Figure 6.17,
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Icons Used in This Book
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Target is 50% of equity to be provided by the U.S. Treasury, but investors may take less PPIF may issue secured nonrecourse debt guaranteed by FDIC based on third party valuation rm s estimate of value of loans, with amount determined by FDIC, but leverage no greater than six to one Treasury will obtain warrants from each PPIF Fees payable to FDIC for administration and for guarantee of debt issued by PPIF Seller Purchase to be determined by auction conducted by FDIC, with prices determined by investor bids for the loan pool; no speci cation on liquidations Monthly to FDIC with copy to the Treasury Not speci ed
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Bibliography Clarendon Press in 1891. New York: Dover, 1954. Maxwell, James Clerk. A Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism. Vol. 2. Reprint of the original edition. Merchant Books, 2007. Maxwell, James Clerk. The Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field. Reprint of the original. Edited by Thomas F. Torrance. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 1996. Ohanian, Hans C. Gravitation and Spacetime. New York: W. W. Norton, 1976. Orlando, Terry P., and Kevin A. Delin. Foundations of Applied Superconductivity. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1991. Paul, Clayton R. Electromagnetics for Engineers. with Applications to Digital Systems and Electromagnetic Interference. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2004. Pozar, David M. Microwave Engineering. 3rd ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2005. Schelkunoff, S. A. Electromagnetic Waves. New York: D. Van Nostrand, 1943. Schlesinger, Mordechay, and Milan Paunovic. Modern Electroplating. Electrochemical Society Series. 4th ed. New York: John Wiley Interscience, 2000. Scott, William T. The Physics of Electricity and Magnetism. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1962. Spiegel, Murray R. Schaum s Outline Series. Complex Variables: With an Introduction to Conformal Mapping and Its Applications. McGraw-Hill, 1999. Standage, Tom. The Victorian Internet; The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century s On-Line Pioneers. New York: Walker, 1998. Tyndall, John Tyndall. Fragments of Science. 6th ed. Vols. I and II. New York: Appleton, 1897. Wills, A. P. Vector Analysis with an Introduction to Tensor Analysis. New York: Dover, 1958.
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procedures are considered the best practices and should be followed unless justification exists for deviating from them. The current version and details of these guidelines and procedures are available on the ISACA Web site at and cover the following areas:
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ut Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O Reilly in a room, let them loose on the most controversial topic of the day, and they re more likely to reach consensus than would a room full of people trying to agree about how to write a r sum . What makes a r sum effective is highly debatable. Everybody s got an opinion. Everybody s an expert. Everybody knows what they like to see in a r sum , and as often happens with that funny little thing called personal opinion, the next person s going to want to see something different than what the last one wanted. You may have heard all sorts of so-called absolutes about r sum s. R sum s must be only one page long! No, a r sum shorter than two pages makes you look inexperienced and weak! Only go back 10 years in your professional experience. No, list every professional job you ve held. Never list graduation dates on your r sum ! No, list all graduation dates no matter when they were. Those are only a few of the r sum topics on which you ll hear conflicting advice. It s enough to drive a job seeker crazy. 117
when Mr. Whitney appears before the committee, he stated, recognizing that the issue was even hotter than all of the 1933 legislation.3 Pecora was referring to a campaign mounted by the NYSE to avoid regulation. A $2 million campaign fund was reportedly used by the exchange to further its agenda, while the committee only had the power of the press to further its own. All of the exchanges began releasing information stating that regulation would only hurt their businesses, nipping any economic recovery in the bud. The Wall Street drive had strong undertones, suggesting a sinister, communist influence on the New Deal. A magazine sympathetic to the New Deal, edited by Raymond Moley and published by Vincent Astor, called the propaganda campaign Wall Street s Raid on the New Deal. It called incidents of letter-writing campaigns and half-truths used to discredit the bill as an affront to capitalism. Roosevelt had already commented, A more definite and highly organized drive is being made against effective legislation (for Federal supervision of stock exchanges) than against any similar recommendation made by me. Shades of the American Liberty League, to be formed later in the year, were beginning to develop. The magazine went on to criticize Richard Whitney s comment about capitalism being based upon stock market speculation. It concluded by ridiculing his suggestion. Thus is developed one of the most extraordinary theories of human progress that has ever been enunciated, it stated. Perhaps the slogan of this new drive on the New Deal might be borrowed from this suggestion: Prosperity Through Gambling. 4 As far as the Street was concerned, any regulation was bad for business. The Fletcher-Rayburn bill had the potential to destroy its business, the heart of capitalism. But whose businesses Duncan Fletcher shot back, Only that of brokers who have lined their pockets by disregarding the interests of their customers. 5 The Floridian maintained a tight grip on his committee against the Wall Street onslaught. It was he who turned the committee s direction toward the money being spent by the investment banking industry to fight reform. A prominent Southern liberal noted
all Senators now attend dinners with trepidation. After hearing the remarks, Brookhart replied that it was clear that we do not need booze at these dinners to lift us to a high plane of eloquence. Senator Burton Wheeler of Montana added, Of course, we cannot tell what he might have said if the dinner had not been dry. 27 The flap would not end quickly. Conjecture swirled around what exactly a son of the wild jackass was. Moses did not elaborate and interpretations ran from the obvious to the biblical. Most thought that it was meant to imply that the radicals were offspring of the Democrats more than members of the Republican Party. Will Rogers commented that this Moses, like the one in the original cast, is a kind of amateur prophet and every once and a while . . . he brings forth a wisecrack. So next week I can see the Senate passing a resolution to have his form again enveloped in some distant bull rushes. 28 Despite the controversy, some good was to come of the remark as far as the radicals were concerned. The flap came, however, during the aftermath of the worst stock market collapse in American history, giving some indication of the mood the country was in. Politics still reigned supreme, but soon the Jackasses would combine the Depression with their dislike of the Republican establishment to bring about a radical transformation of American society. The term was so potent that a book soon appeared with the title Sons of the Wild Jackass, by Ray Tucker and Frederick Bartley, both experienced journalists. In an effort to give the group a personality, they included senators and a congressman in their list, immediately immortalizing them. Named from the Senate were Brookhart, Shipstead, La Follette Jr., Borah, Wheeler, Hiram Johnson of California, Thomas J. Walsh of Montana, Bronson Cutting of New Mexico, James Couzens of Michigan, Clarence Cleveland Dill of Washington, Gerald Nye of North Dakota, Edward Costigan of Colorado, and Fiorello La Guardia of New York. All were well-known thorns in the side of the establishment at large. There were also some notable exceptions, namely McFadden. As anger faded into pride, many of the dissidents
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