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to opportunity to see the page by the user. Much of this activity is recorded at the content server level. Good filtration procedures are critical to page-impression measurement. Additionally, consistent handling of auto-refreshed pages and other pseudo-page content (surveys, pop-ups, etc.) in defining a "page" and establishing rules for the counting process is also critical. The page-like items should be counted as follows:
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It is fairly common for professionals to discover the questions they should have asked as responses begin to come in. Most times there is no immediate budget to take a second bite at the cherry. However, if you are conducting your own survey, you may be able to have a second go. This being said, there is no substitute for getting your questionnaire right the first time.
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Movement of a Single Doer
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@echo off rem This file runs the example.jad/jar file in the emulator. set CLASSPATH=lib\midp.jar;lib\examples.jar; src\example\sokoban\ bin\midp -descriptor run.jad
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B2 (T, n, m, p0 , X , X ) = 2
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eld intensity; (Right) induced dipole polarization, P, within a material because of the application of an external electric eld intensity, E 0.
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To list all the reported applications of tunable single frequency diode lasers would fill a book on its own. Many other applications such as control and inspection of manufactured goods [53] and biomedical applications of light [135] have not been explored. However, the applications discussed here provide an impression of the diverse range of practical areas in which tunable diode lasers are currently used. In some applications the diode laser s output power, wavelength range, modulation bandwidth, size or cost are preferable to alternative sources. In other applications the diode laser is the only source capable of performing the task.
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Part I: Getting Started in TEFL
7 Understanding Taxonomies
create table JavaProducts ( id varchar(16), description varchar(64) not null, price number(8,2), constraint jp_pk primary key(id) );
It is important to understand the importance of styling. Using style sheets adds presentation to XML data. In separating content (the XML data) from the presentation (the style sheet), you take advantage of the success of what is called the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm. The act of separating the data (the model), how the data is displayed (the view), and the framework used between them (the controller) provides maximum reuse of your resources. When you use this technology, XML data can simply be data. Your style sheets can transform your data into different formats, eliminating the maintenance nightmare of trying to keep track of multiple presentation formats for the same data. Embracing this model allows you to separate your concerns about maintaining data and presentation. Because browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer have style sheet processors embedded in them, presentation can dynamically be added to XML data at download time. Figure 6.2 shows a simple example of the transformation and formatting process. A style sheet engine (sometimes called an XSLT engine) takes an original XML document, loads it into a DOM source tree, and transforms that document with the instructions given in the style sheet. In specifying those instructions, style sheets use XPath expressions to reference portions of the source tree and capture information to place into the result tree. The result tree is then formatted, and the resulting XML document is returned. Although the original document must be a well-formed XML document, the resulting document may be any format. Many times, the resulting document may be postprocessed. In the case of formatting an XML document with XSLFO styling, a post-processor is usually used to transform the result document into a different format (such as PDF or RTF just to name a few). At this point, we will show a brief example of using style sheets to add presentation to content. Listing 6.1 shows a simple XML file that lists a project, its description, and its schedule of workdays. Because our example will show a browser dynamically styling this XML, we put the processing directive (the styling instructions) on the second line.
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