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The first thing to decide is whether we need to overhaul or to at least modify the basic design of the application. This may not be necessary in all the cases. By design, we mean the following aspects (these aspects are discussed in detail in the upcoming section Analyzing the design : Data design Architecture design Interface design Component level design
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Information management is a hot topic these days. There are millions of documents floating around, and it s not easy to keep your head straight in a world of information overkill. Fortunately, there are easy solutions to this problem. Many years ago, Microsoft developed a tool called Index Server. The Index Server was targeted at the Internet, and its sole purpose was to automatically index a Web site so visitors could search for pages with particular content. Although the Index Server worked well, it was long considered to be some kind of experimental product. Microsoft wouldn t support it, and it was not an official part of the MS Internet Information Server. Finally, the Index Server has evolved as a true commercial product. Its internal design has changed considerably, and what s even more important, the Index Server now is a standard part of Windows 2000. This has enormous consequences. The Index Server no longer is just another Web service. It can index any kind of data store, and Windows 2000 uses the Index Server to index its entire local file system. Windows 2000 hides the Index Server, though. You can do full text searches and be amazed at the speed, but there s no obvious way to control the Index Server. In fact, the built-in search uses only a small fraction of the Index Server s capabilities. Despite this, you can access the Index Server through ADO directly and think of it as a database. Much of what you have just learned will fall right into place when applied to the Index Server. The following applies to Windows 2000 only. However, if you use Windows NT 4 and the Internet Information Server with Option Pack >=4, you can use all of the following scripts to index your Web page. Just adjust the catalog names and embed the scripts in your ASP Web pages.
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Figure 16.5 Fuzzy logic controller using a decision matrix.
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where the integrand has a pole of order 1 in the complex plane at = z. Kramers and Kronig chose the path C to be the real axis and completed the closed path in the integral by a large semicircle in the upper half of the complex plane, as shown in Figure 5.24. Equation 5.57 gives the value of the permittivity at any complex point in the upper half of the plane in terms of its integral along the path C (the real axis) because the integral over the path CR goes to zero. We can thus rename the point z as and write Equation 5.57 as
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