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(Irrespective of platform, Apache code uses / as the separator character for directory pathnames.) The installer program will have filled in the value for ServerRoot. The next two directives identify files used for housekeeping data such as the scoreboard file that is employed on systems that don t support shared memory segments. The next few directives set values for controls such as the timeouts on connections, and limits on the number of requests a child process can handle. The Linux/Unix file will have directives that set the limits on the number of server processes, number to create at startup etc.; the Windows configuration file will simply have a limit on the number of threads in the second process (this is effectively the equivalent to the MaxClients control). If you will be running your Apache system on a typical home PC (Linux or Windows OSs), you will probably want to reduce the values for all those parameters. The Linux/Unix file next contains a single example related to the setting up of shared objects dynamic linking in the Unix world. The corresponding section in the Windows httpd.conf file is longer; it has commented out LoadModule directives for important optional modules. For example, if you want to support requests concerning the server status, you should uncomment the LoadModule status_module directive. The next group of directives, starting with the Port 80 directive, set parameters for the Apache chief. If you are setting up a real httpd process on Linux, you may need to change the values in the User and Group directives, and you will also need to specify your email address in the ServerAdmin directive. These directives can be ignored if you are simply running a toy Apache system for learning purposes. If you are setting up a real Apache server, you will also need DNS set up; toy servers can be run with the ServerName directive specifying or localhost. The next few directives specify the locations of components like the main directories used for HTML documents and CGI programs. They also set default access permissions that will apply to all directories unless specifically overridden by subsequent directives (as added by you). The main example here is for the htdocs directory; this should be something like:
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Microwave radio equipment needs to be mounted on sturdy masts or rigid pole mountings. Only rigid mountings can ensure the proper alignment of antennas (variation within less than 18) even during adverse weather and strong winds. They should also be mounted in positions where obstacles are not likely to block the line-of-sight. Such obstacles can
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Pay Structures
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+ E+ + E0 = E0 = 0 uP
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Present sales Change in sales attributable to changes in credit terms Gross margin Potential effect on bad debts Credit terms on increase in sales Cost of short-term borrowing
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Getting into Grading
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Logical operators: ||, && and !. Perl-like string operators: . (concatenate) and .= (concatenating assignment). == (we have to use functions like strncasecmp() to do other string comparisons). Perl s backticks Execution operator :
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Figure 9.26 Mapping and ablation during ventricular pacing. During ventricular pacing, the catheter tip is moved to an annular site with the earliest atrial signal. During ablation (right panel), there is sudden loss of retrograde accessory pathway conduction and 1 : 1 eccentric atrial activation (*). The subsequent atrial signal (arrow) is due to depolarization of the sinus node. A twenty-pole coronary sinus (CS) catheter has been inserted from the right internal jugular vein.
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r The nodes are assumed to operate in time-slotted mode, with the length of time slot equal to a propagation delay , which is much smaller than the length of any packet. r The transmission times of RTS, CTS, data, and ACK packets are normalized with respect to and are denoted by lrts , lcts , ldata , and lack , respectively. r All packet lengths are assumed to be multiples of the length of a time slot. r A node is assumed always to have a packet for transmission. r A silent node is assumed to begin a transmission with probability p at each time slot. r A node is assumed to become ready independently with probability p0 at the beginning of each time slot: p = p0 Pr[channel is sensed idle in a slot]. (4.115)
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