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ireless networking is fast becoming a viable alternative for companies that can utilize its advantages. It can provide enhanced connectivity and flexibility for companies seeking to expand a computer network or make their employees more mobile. Major technology companies are behind its standards, and the price and choice of products should only improve. Two major developing technologies are changing the computer networking landscape: Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and Bluetooth. These two forms of wireless technology can change the entire infrastructure of business networks. Many new hardware and software products produced by many big-name technology companies are equipped for use with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG; and the Wi-Fi Alliance ( help effectively develop, integrate, and implement these wireless technologies globally. These two groups have created global standards for each technology that must be met by any company producing hardware or software to operate with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
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Figure 21-7: Use the official print dialog box to print your images.
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Management, Planning, and Organization of Information Systems
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From the correlation outputs for different delays, the aim is to determine the chip position, in which the rst signal path has arrived. By appropriate choice of the block interval Tb and the number of chips M1 for backwards search, and considering the large number of multipath components in a typical UWB environment, we can assume that the block starts with a number of chips with noise-only components and the remaining ones with signal plus noise components, as shown in Figure 3.9. Assuming that the statistics of the signal paths do not change signi cantly in the uncertainty region, we can express the different hypotheses approximately as follows [51]: H0 : Hk : zi h i , zi hi ,p ^ zi N2 Ea i k 1 hi , i ns , . . . , ne , i ns , . . . , k 1, i k, . . . , ne ,
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Figure 17-5: Output status information to modeless windows while your script is at work.
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Do you know about the Cool Switch window Hold down [Alt] and press [Tab]. As long as there are at least two open windows, a small window appears in the center of your screen, and you can quickly switch to another running application by pressing [Tab] a couple of times until the application is selected. This is not too exciting. The real news is that Windows 2000 employs some secret Registry keys, and these keys control the size of the window. You can
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Introduction This results in a response page displayed on the user s browser that has the exchange rates and a time stamp indicating how recently the rates were updated. The last two SSI directives, exec and cmd, made use of the fact that on Unix it is very easy to fork a child process, give it some work, and capture its outputs. These commands allowed essentially arbitrary programs to be run as child processes of the web server. These programs could generate dynamic content for pages. The SSI mechanisms became increasingly elaborate (and increasingly divergent across different implementations of web servers). Some extended SSI implementations allowed for conditional processing with tests on values of environment variables; allowing HTML pages to include server-side code such as the following code that customizes a page according to the location of the client:
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Mutual Silence
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