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Central controller (CC), 362 CFO. See Carrier frequency offset (CFO) CFP. See Call for proposal (CFP); Content ion-free period (CFP) CFSR. See Clustered sheye state routing (CFSR) CGSR. See Clusterhead Gateway Switch Routing protocol (CGSR) CHAMP. See Caching and multipath routing (CHAMP) Channel impulse response (CIR), 187, 188, 189 Channel models, 187 Channel parameters, 13, 14, 16, 24, 32, 49, 50, 127, 161, 171, 172, 178, 186, 189, 465 Channel state information (CSI), 217 Channel time allocations (CTAs), 302 Channel transfer function (CTF), 188 Cheby shev approximation problem, 111 Chip-level post-detection integration (CLPDI), 463 Chip spaced sampling, 161 Chirp pulses, 316 Chi-square, 197 Chong, Chia-Chin, 187 Circuit implementation, 463f Clear (CLR) packet TORA, 393 Clear-to-send (CTS) packets PARO, 396 PLBM, 386 Closed form, 215 CLPDI. See Chip-level post-detection integration (CLPDI) CLR packet TORA, 393 Cluster, 193 196 arrival times, 193 average power, 195 beamforming, 210 decaying phenomenon, 195 member table, 351t power decaying phenomenon, 195 Clustered sheye state routing (CFSR), 361 Clusterhead, 350 Clusterhead Gateway Switch Routing protocol (CGSR), 350 hierarchical structure, 350f proactive routing, 350 protocol comparisons, 419t, 421t
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Introduction to Exploitation: Linux on x86
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Regsvr32.exe actually doesn t do much. It just calls the DLLRegisterServer function inside the file you specify. Regsvr32.exe complains if the file wasn t found or if it doesn t offer the DLLRegisterServer functionality. That s all. DLLRegisterServer internally takes all steps necessary to introduce the COM object to the local Registry, and once it s registered, you can access your component.
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Nothing is randomized. Most addresses are even the same (or similar) between the two platforms, except for obvious differences introduced by each platform s code. Some sections, notably the heap and main binary, are located in the AAAS.
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The transceiver utilizes extensive self-contained and/or DSP-assisted autocalibration circuitry. These calibrations include independent and multiphase LOFT calibration (RF coupling and DC offsets) on each transmit core; independent quadrature (phase and amplitude) calibration on each receive and transmit core; resistor calibration for bias current generation blocks; LPF and HPF corner calibration on filters; multiphase VCO calibration (openloop, closed-loop, and refresh mode); and VCO gain calibration and transmitter power calibration. Additionally a high accuracy temperature sensor allows for temperature-based calibrations if necessary. Some of these calibrations may have been desirable but not absolutely necessary for some legacy WLAN ICs but are essential for obtaining the performance at the lev-
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function isContainer(obj) set classobj = GetObject(obj.Schema) isContainer = classobj.Container end function
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When a client submits a first request for a resource in a password-controlled realm, the server responds with an unauthorized message like the following:
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Currently there are no security mechanisms employed within GridICE; all information is open to anonymous client requests from the MDS2 and the GridICE Web interface. However, X.509-based authentication for the Web interface is planned.
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The lease or buy decision
Storage Space
For realistic UWB channel models [22], the ML estimate is very complicated to obtain. Hence, simpler estimators such as the method of moments (MM) estimator can be employed to obtain those parameters [51]. Then, the index of the chip having the rst signal path can be obtained as ^ ^ k arg max Sne uMM (k) , k
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