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Implement Data Matrix ECC200 in .NET Solution Approaches

(A.5) (A.6) . (A.7)
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389) public void keyDown(int x) { 390) if(choice.hasFocus()){ 391) choice.handleKeyDown(x); 392) } 393) } 394) public void penMove(int x, int y) { 395) if (text.contains(x,y)) 396) text.handlePenMove(x,y); 397) } 398) } // End of Class NextScreen 399) /** 400) * Class responsible for handling results at intermediate stage... 401) */ 402) public class Results extends Spotlet { 403) /** 404) * Local variables for GUI components used in this screen... 405) */ 406) private ScrollTextBox stb; 407) private Button ok; 408) private Button end; 409) private Button result; 410) String total_num ="" ; 411) String str; 412) // Initializing the Graphics. Graphics gr2 = Graphics.getGraphics(); 413) Results(String str22, int state) { // Constructor... 414) gr2.clearScreen(); 415) // registering the Spotlet 416) register(NO_EVENT_OPTIONS); 417) total_num = str22; 418) // A String str is first initialized with question no and sttus text.. 419) str = "QNo." + " " + "Status" + 400)"\n\n\n"; 420) // A Loop is executed from 1 to the total number of questions and answer[loop][0] is mapped with answer[loop][1] and accordingly the message is appended to the string variable str.(correct,wrong,unanswered,unattempted) 421) for(int i = 1;i<serialno;i++) { 422) if (i<=9) { 423) if (answer[i][0].equals(answer[i][1])) 424) str = str +"Q" +i+" "+"Correct"+ 400)"\n"; 425) else if (answer[i][1].equals("")) 426) str = str +"Q" +i+" 400)"+"Unanswered"+ "\n"; 427) else 428) str = str +"Q" +i+" "+"Wrong"+ "\n"; 429) } 430) else { 431) if (answer[i][0].equals(answer[i][1])) 432) str = str +"Q" +i+ " "+"Correct"+ "\n"; 433) else if (answer[i][1].equals("")) 434) str = str +"Q" +i+ " 400)"+"Unanswered"+ "\n"; 435) else 436) str = str +"Q" +i+ " "+"Wrong"+ "\n"; 437) } 438) } 439) for(int yu = serialno;yu<Integer.parseInt(str22);yu++) 440) { 441) if (yu<=9)
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Network and Telecommunications
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12: Taking Care of Your Home Server
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Pros: Free boxes if you are shipping Priority Mail, which is a huge money-saver. Quick service (two to three days across the United States); in fact, by the time I get ready
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Firewalls Packet-Filtering Firewall Application-Level Firewalls Stateful Inspection Firewall Protocols Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Model TCP/IP Protocols The Wireless Application Protocol 23 24 24 24 25 25 27 28 29
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Registrar 2 Update Bob s current location
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Table 7-2
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Table 8.2
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