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Very Weak Feedback Effects Regime II
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XML may be described as a metalanguage, a language that defines other languages. With the help of XML, the user can define his own tags. Since the tag description is also in XML, the description can be understood by every platform making the data portable. Since XML allows the user to create a new language with new tags, it allows the data to be stored in any format. In fact, it is basically used to describe the way information is stored. XML can provide much better browser capabilities using CSS and XSL style sheets. Once the tags have been defined in XML, it is quite easy to use this data in any XML software. In XML, DTD (Document Type Definition) is used to define the structure and type of tags used by the program code. DTD defines the names of the tags, their placement, and their relationship with one another. The DTD definition follows the SGML tag-declaration rules. Sometimes, this definition of tags becomes the part of the document containing the tags. In that case, the document is called a DTDLess code. The XML DTD, or Schema, can also be used to define the contents of the XML document. XML is a format-specific language; it first reads the data definition, understands it, and stores it in the memory before taking up the document to execute the functioning of the tags defined. To render the data format understandable by the application defined in the DTD requires special software called parsers.
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13-6.VBS set wshshell = CreateObject( WScript.Shell ) find out the script file you want to use as command extension set args = WScript.Arguments if args.Count=0 then MsgBox Please drag a vbs script file onto my script icon! WScript.Quit end if did I receive a vbs file if not lcase(Mid(args(0), InstrRev(args(0), . )))= .vbs then MsgBox I only accept vbs script files! WScript.Quit end if which file type do you want to append filetype = InputBox( Please enter the file extension for the _ & file type you want to add a context menu command to! , _ , .vbs ) if not left(filetype,1)= . then filetype = . & filetype
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Actually, the if function doesn t check anything. Instead, it wants to be fed with either true or false. So, you are free to use whatever function (or variable) suits you best as long as the result is either true or false. To check the available disk space, you can use one of the functions from the Scripting.FileSystemObject and have your script issue a warning if disk space drops below a threshold.
Chaos Synchronization
Receive name of contestant from form. Find in database, update record. Get all records for database. Construct histogram from record data. Output to temporary file. Construct response page that includes the histogram. The structure of the static HTML page is:
in terms of knowledge representation (RDF is discussed in 5), taxonomies (discussed in 7), and ontologies (discussed in 8). XML is fostering e-learning with standard formats like the Instructional Management System (IMS) XML standards (at www.imsproject.org). Portals and data integration. A portal is a customizable, multipaned view tailored to support a specific community of users. XML is supported via standard transformation portlets that use XSLT to generate specific presentations of content (as discussed previously under Content Management Systems), syndication of content, and the integration of Web services. A portlet is a dynamically pluggable application that generates content for one pane (or subwindow) in a portal. Syndication is the reuse of content from another site. The most popular format for syndication is an XMLbased format called the Resource Description Framework Site Summary (RSS). RDF is discussed in 5. The integration of Web services into portals is still in its early stages but will enhance portals as the focal point for enterprise data integration. All the major portal vendors are integrating Web services into their portal products. Customer relationship management (CRM). CRM systems enable an organization s sales and marketing staff to understand, track, inform, and service their customers. CRM involves many of the other systems we have discussed here, such as portals, content management systems, data integration, and databases (see next item), where XML is playing a major role. XML is becoming the glue to tie all these systems together to enable the sales force or customers (directly) to access information when they want and wherever they are (including wireless). Databases and data mining. XML has had a greater effect on relational database management systems (DBMS) than object-oriented programming (which created a new category of database called object-oriented database management systems, or OODBMS). XML has even spawned a new category of databases called native XML databases exclusively for the storage and retrieval of XML. All the major database vendors have responded to this challenge by supporting XML translation between relational tables and XML schemas. Additionally, all of the database vendors are further integrating XML into their systems as a native data type. This trend toward storing and retrieving XML will accelerate with the completion of the W3C XQuery specification. We discuss XQuery in 6. Collaboration technologies and peer-to-peer (P2P). Collaboration technologies allow individuals to interact and participate in joint activities from disparate locations over computer networks. P2P is a specific decentralized collaboration protocol. XML is being used for collaboration at the protocol
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