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MsgBox Notepad editor is NOT running. else MsgBox Notepad editor IS running. end if
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Figure 2-7: Experiment using your homemade VBScript command line interpreter.
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performance robustness quanti es how rapidly a desired network performance metric changes with respect to changes in a disturbance. As presented by Yin et al. [13], the idea is to de ne robustness based on how network performance differs from its reference point in the presence of a disturbance, as depicted in Figure 6.3. In practice, the network performance reference point can be in the form of a performance target for which the system is being designed, and usually but necessarily, the one when there is no disturbance. Let the performance reference be a random variable with a cumulative distribution function F. Let the network performance observed in the presence of disturbance be a random variable with a cumulative distribution function G. Then we need to quantify the difference between G and F. Logically, the smaller the difference, the better the performance robustness. Thus, for the purpose of de ning a quantitative metric of robustness, we need to measure the distance or difference between the two distribution functions properly. How can we de ne the distance between two distribution functions so that it is suitable to measure the performance robustness A simple way is to adopt one of the existing distributional testing statistics, such as the Kolmogorov Smirnov test statistic, 2 test statistic, Student-t test statistic, or even the Kullback Leibler distance. However, we nd that none of these statistics is suitable to describe robustness for communication network performance. We do not choose 2 and Student-t tests because both are based on Gaussian normal distributions. It is not necessary to assume that the distribution functions involved are normal. In [14], a robustness metric has been proposed based on the Kolmogorov Smirnov statistic. Similar to the Anderson Darling goodness-of- t test, the metric de ned by England et al. [14] gives more weight to the tails than does
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Listing 3.3 Document using attributes (withattribs.xml).
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Figure 20-5: You ll receive error information if the FTP listing isn t accessible.
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It s fine to have your r sum photocopied from a sharp, clean laser printed original or directly from disk or CD, rather than printing every copy from your own printer. Most print shops will do a good job of photocopying your r sum , but do ask to see a first test copy before the entire job is run to make sure that the copy quality is good. Purchase envelopes that match your r sum paper. It s fine to fold your r sum into thirds to fit into regular business size envelopes (known officially as #10 the size that requires you fold the r sum into thirds). Be aware, however, that when sending your r sum to a large company that is likely to scan most
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Sooner or later, all business software applications fail. The extent of nancial damage that occurs with this failure is directly proportional to the software developer s effort to minimize that nancial damage. If little thought is given to recovery after failure, the business will not be able to recover. A surprising number of commercial software packages simply instruct you to start over when a failure occurs. If serious thought is given to recovery after failure, a backup strategy emerges that enables that recovery to occur. The accepted approach is that you start your failure defense by periodically making backup copies of critical business les such as master les, transaction les, and before/after update images. Then, when (not if) the software fails, the backup les are used to restore the software close to its pre-failure state. Depending on what resources you are willing to spend on routine backup activities, the recovery pre-failure state can range from last weekend s backups (fairly inexpensive) to last night s backups (more expensive) to all backed up transactions except the one that caused the failure (very expensive but guarantees minimum loss of business). To test backup and recovery processes, you must perform a number of backups, interrupt the application abnormally, and restore the application using just the backups. Recovery data are then validated against the expected pre-failure state.
Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust, 218 219, 235 Cooke, Jay, 20 Coolidge, Calvin, 36, 40, 41, 47, 92 business bent, 49 top down attitude, 66 veto of McNary-Haugen bill, 49 Corporate mergers, 6, 7 Corporate securities, before and after Crash of 1929, 80 Corrigan, Gerald, 223 Costigan, Edward, 50 as member of Senate Banking and Currency Committee, 65 Coughlin, Charles, 120 121, 140 criticism of Fletcher-Rayburn bill, 130 plan for reforming Fed, 130 Couzens, James, 50, 71, 138 as chairman of Senate Interstate Commerce Committee, 64 as member of Senate Banking and Currency Committee, 76 Crash of 1929, 8, 44 Congressional response to, 57 corporate securities before and after, 80 fall-out, 60 Federal Reserve Board and, 61 international events and, 192 Progressivism and, 18 Crissinger, Daniel R., 62 Cutting, Bronson, 50 D D Amato, Alphonse, 266, 269 Darrow, Clarence, 46 Davis, John W., 126, 137 Davison, Henry, 29 Dean Witter & Co., 200 Demagogues Club, 145 Deposit insurance provision, 93 Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act, 202, 203, 213 Depression bank failures during, 44 effect on progressive movement, 64
33 (3) Explain how serial servers, forking servers and threaded servers handle requests from multiple clients. (4) When and where did the http protocol and HTML language for the Web originate Why was this hypertext system more successful than earlier attempts (5) Explain how HTML forms and CGI programs can be used to submit and process data entered by a user. How do the data entered by the user get delivered to the processing program How is the program s response returned to the user (6) Explain, with brief examples, how client-side JavaScript code can check form-based data entry and enhance HTML s presentation and navigation capabilities. (7) The attributes of a <form> tag can include method, name, action and onSubmit. Explain the use of each of these attributes. (8) Explain how events can be coded in HTML tags and used to invoke JavaScript functions. (9) Explain how the server-side includes (SSI) mechanism can be used to create dynamic pages. (10) List and explain the usage of the different types of input control that can be incorporated in a standard HTML form.
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exploits, because it lets you play around more easily. You can create an exploit harness that does all the socket connection and easily writes snippets of shellcode if something isn t working or if you want to do something slightly different. Inline assembler is also a lot more readable than a C string constant of hex bytes.
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