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the instance data members would not have been initialized! In the buggy code, the $title etc. in the constructor function are (implicitly declared) local variables of the function and not references to the instance data members. Instances of this class can be constructed in code like:
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10.2.5 Exploiting One-way Delays for Online Anomaly Detection
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Generation of dynamic pages
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k=0x7ffdf020; *(int *)k=RtlEnterCriticalSectionadd; * */ #define DOPRINT //#define DORUN void
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These collectively boil down to the software being easy for users to learn and remember, not prone to errors, enjoyable to use, and efficient.
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Figure 7-9: Embedding HTML in script files and displaying it as a dialog box.
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Why and How Treasury Recapitalized So Many Banks
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Figure 10-5: Find out the executable names working inside the open windows. This time, the method lists both the window name and the executable path. It uses a vbTab as delimiter. Now it s easy to create a more selective close-down script. The following script closes down the editor only all other windows remain intact. It s just a slightly enhanced version of the previous script and demonstrates how to separate window name and executable path using Split.
This program will split into four independent programs (say, wave1 to wave4), each holding a certain element of the vector and assigning it to the variable N in a separate doer after a hop into it, as shown in Figure 5.2. This program can be optimized, with only one, common, assignment present, which will be replicated for each doer:
But this Dorothy, she sounded like somebody that would take in a stray kitten, somebody who'd feel sorry for the new kid that was feeling a little overwhelmed on the new job. And I sure got just the right touch with her. It's not every day you try to trick somebody and they give you even more than you asked for. Out of pity, she not only gave me the name of one of the people in Security, but said I should tell the lady that Dorothy wanted her to help me. Of course I had planned to use Dorothy's name anyway. This made it even better. Lauren opened right up and never even bothered to look up the name I gave to see if it was really in the employee database. When I drove up to the gate that afternoon, they not only had my name on the visitor's list, they even had a parking space for me. I had a late lunch at the commissary, and wandered the lot until the end of the day. I even sneaked into a couple of sound stages and watched them shooting movies. Didn't leave till 7 o'clock. It was one of my most exciting days ever. Analyzing the Con Everybody was a new employee once. We all have memories of what that first day was like, especially when we were young and inexperienced. So when a new employee asks for help, he can expect that many people-especially entry-level people--will remember their own new-kid on-theblock feelings and go out of their way to lend a hand. The social engineer knows this, and he understands that he can use it to play on the sympathies of his victims. We make it too easy for outsiders to con their way into our company plants and offices. Even with guards at entrances and sign-in procedures for anyone who isn't an employee, any one of several variations on the ruse used in this story will allow an intruder to obtain a visitor's badge and walk right in. And if your company requires that visitors be escorted That's a good rule, but it's only effective if your employees are truly conscientious about stopping anyone with or without a visitor's badge who is on his own, and questioning him. And then, if the answers aren't satisfactory, your employees have to be willing to contact security. Making it too easy for outsiders to talk their way into your facilities endangers your company's sensitive information. In today's climate, with the threat of terrorist attacks hanging over our society, it's more than just information that could be at risk.
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