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For visible transitions of gaseous species at room temperatures, fDoppler , is in the GHz range. Much narrower resonances can be detected if saturated absorption techniques are used to probe the narrower Doppler-free line. With saturated absorption spectroscopy it is possible to lock the frequency of the laser to better than 100 Hz [95].
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These simply ask the respondent to evaluate the subject according to a scale. These are very popular in political circles when people want to know how opinions are shifting between surveys. Used as isolated responses they are sometimes more useful as public relations ammunition than throwing any definitive light on a product s potential success. Figure 2-4 gives an example.
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Figure 7.5 The ontology spectrum: Weak to strong semantics.
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where t0 and t0 are the true and the coarse TOA estimate respectively and Tm is the ^ multipath spread. In the second stage, a re ned search is constrained to this uncertain region. This may be achieved though the use of a backward and forward search using the same bank of integrators. The difference between the start time points of two adjacent integrators for the ne search can be as small as the clock period. Figures 17.10 and 17.11 show two examples of the time sequence and outputs of the integrators at the second stage. For simplicity, integration spans the interval t2 t0 Tw , as shown in Figures 17.10 and 17.11, where the true TOA is t0 ,
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Interdependent OGSA compliant Grid services OGSA compliant Grid services are interoperable and can be composed in a Grid application. The execution of a Grid application may involve the running of a number of interdependent Grid services. These services then interact with an OGSA compliant Grid middleware toolkit such as the GT3 to access Grid resources. As shown in Figure 7.2, interdependent OGSA compliant Grid services are the one where the output of one service can be an input of another service. Services can also be composed into an amalgamated service accessed directly by users. The interactions and executions of services are managed by a work ow management system, speci cally a work ow engine, which will be described in this chapter. This chapter is organized as follows. In Section 7.2, we introduce the Work ow Management Coalition (WfMC) [1], a work ow standard body to promote the interoperability of heterogeneous work ow systems. In Section 7.3, we describe work ow management in the context of Web services. In Section 7.4, we review the state-ofthe-art of work ow development for the Grid. In Section 7.5, we conclude the chapter and provide further readings in Section 7.6.
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Single source
applied eld and that the molecule rotation often overshoots the new equilibrium position because of its inertia. In this model, there is no other restoring torque than the external eld and no damping torques. In a more realistic model of Figure 5.8, there is only a very small restoring force for rotation, about one of the O-H axes, because there is a preferred orientation of the other proton relative to the other protons on the neighboring water molecule, but there is a large damping force brought about by neighboring atoms (especially in liquid water). The orientation polarization of water and other molecules was discussed by Debye in 1912 and published3 in 1929 for molecules that possess a permanent electric dipole moment, p0, that can be oriented in an arbitrary direction. In the absence of external electric eld intensity, thermal agitation will keep the molecules randomly oriented, so there will be no net electric dipole moment in a sample. When external electric eld intensity is applied to the sample, there will be a tendency of the individual dipoles to align with the external eld in a con guration that gives the lowest energy, and this will produce a net average electric dipole moment for the sample. The torque, = qd E = p0 E = p0 E sin , applied to an electric dipole moment, p0, in external electric eld intensity, E , is shown in Figure 5.9. The potential energy of the electric dipole as shown aligned with the external electric eld intensity to the angle relative to = 0 is thus U ( ) = p0 E sin d = p0 E (1 cos )
Data flows between computers in a network using one of three methods. Simplex transmission is in one direction only. An example of simplex transmission is radio or television transmission. Simplex transmission is rare in computer networks due to the one-way nature of data transmission. Halfduplex transmission is found in many systems. In a halfduplex system, information can flow in both directions. However, it is not possible for the information to flow in both directions simultaneously. In other words, once a query is transmitted from one device, it must wait for a response to come back. A full-duplex system can transmit information in both directions simultaneously; it does not have the intervening stop-and-wait aspect of half-duplex systems. For high throughput and fast response time, full-duplex transmission is frequently used in computer applications. Data switching equipment is used to route data through the network to its final destinations. For instance, data
Gauging the Weak and the Strong
Starting your follow-up before the interview ends
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