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<html><head><title>XYX Corporation</title></head> <frameset cols="25%,75%"> <frame src="CompanyInfo.html" name="LeftMargin"> <frame src="OrderForm.html" name="MainPart"> <noframes>If your browser doesn t handler frames, <a href= noframe.html >alternative source</a> is available.</noframes> </frameset> </html>
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Figure 1.15 Constellation diagram for 802.11a signal when quality of signal is marginally acceptable for 54-Mbps transmission. The EVM of this constellation is ~ 27 dB. Note the fuzzy balls that have replaced the well-defined constellation points of Figure 1.14.
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ferior emotional balance, or for the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor. I have come to the conviction, however, that larger numbers of people interested in stock-market investment and speculation would be willing to work and study to attain sensible results, if they had a guide or signpost pointing the right direction. Out of it all emerges my theory of time element in trading, which I regard as the most important factor in successful speculation. But before we go further, let me warn you that the fruits of your success will be in direct ratio to the honesty and sincerity of your own effort in keeping your own records, doing your own thinking, and reaching your own conclusions. You cannot wisely read a book on How to keep t and leave the physical exercises to another. Anyone who is inclined to speculate should look at speculation as a business and treat it as such and not regard it as a pure gamble as so many people are apt to do. If I am correct in the premise that speculation is a business in itself, those engaging in that business should determine to learn and understand it to the best of their ability with informative data available. My theory and practical application have proved to my satisfaction that nothing new ever occurs in the business of speculating or investing in securities or commodities. There are times when one should speculate, and just as surely there are times when one should not speculate. There are times when money can be made investing and speculating in stocks, but money cannot consistently be made trading every day or every week during the year. To invest or speculate successfully, one must form an opinion as to what the next move of importance will be in a given stock. No one man, or group of men, can make or break a market today. Experience has proved to me that the real money made in speculating has been in commitments in a stock or commodity showing a pro t right from the start. It is a human trait to be hopeful and equally so to be fearful, but when you inject hope and fear into the business of speculation, you are faced with a very formidable hazard, because you are apt to get the two confused and in reverse positions. The speculator has to insure himself against considerable losses by taking the rst small loss. The speculator has to be his own insurance broker, and the only way he can continue in business is to guard his capital account and never
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ing for abolition of the office and an investigation of Williams s administration. The request came at a delicate moment because Williams was due for reappointment and did not appreciate the charges. He responded strongly, accusing McFadden of being motivated by greed and embarrassment. Noting that the congressman never provided facts to support his allegations, Williams took an unusual step and released a statement that McFadden s bank had been under constant supervision for the past 20 years for shoddy banking practices. He also claimed that only the comptroller s supervision had kept it solvent. He noted that its capital had shrunk over the time period while other banks in the area had grown.7 Most damning was Williams s comment that McFadden and his family had been recipients of loans far in excess of the bank s capital over the years. Regarding First National, Williams stated,
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// We ve just landed in our buffer after a // call to dword ptr[edi+74]. This, therefore // is a pointer to the heap control structure // so move this into edx as we ll need to // set some values here mov edx, dword ptr[edi+74] // If running on Windows 2000 use this // instead // mov edx, dword ptr[esi+0x4C] // Push 0x18 onto the stack push 0x18 // and pop into EBX pop ebx // Get a pointer to the Thread Information // Block at fs:[18] mov eax, dword ptr fs:[ebx] // Get a pointer to the Process Environment // Block from the TEB. mov eax, dword ptr[eax+0x30] // Get a pointer to the default process heap // from the PEB mov eax, dword ptr[eax+0x18] // We now have in eax a pointer to the heap // This address will be of the form 0x00nn0000 // Adjust the pointer to the heap to point to the // TotalFreeSize dword of the heap structure add al,0x28 // move the WORD in TotalFreeSize into si mov si, word ptr[eax] // and then write this to our heap control // structure. We need this. mov word ptr[edx],si // Adjust edx by 2 inc edx inc edx // Set the previous size to 8 mov byte ptr[edx],0x08 inc edx // Set the next 2 bytes to 0
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where d distance between the antennas [m], wavelength (calculated for the mid-frequency of the interference signal band) [m].
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Livermore Trading Discoveries
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History, Location and Frame These objects are owned by a window. The history object offers member functions that cause the browser to move back or forward in the history list, so changing the currently displayed page. A location object provides access to details of the current document the name of the host from which it was obtained, the port, the pathname to the file etc.
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Now, wait a minute, Jim says. Linda told me the whole SOX thing cost us about a million and a quarter this year. You want me to spend over three million bucks over the next year, and another 1.6 million every year after that. Why Let s just leave things the way they are. Pull in the horns, as we say on the ranch. Okay, Dale says. I told you this wasn t going to be cheap. Now we know what it s going to cost. Let s try to figure out what it s worth.
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Managed and measurable. The organization has established an acquisition and implementation methodology, which has evolved to the point where it is unusual for it not to be applied. Documentation is of good quality and each stage is properly approved. Requirements are well articulated and in accordance with predefined structures. The methodology forces proper consideration of solution alternatives and analysis of costs and benefits enabling informed choices to be made. The methodology is clear, defined, generally understood, and measurable. Therefore, exceptions can be easily determined and corrected by management. Solutions respond efficiently to user requirements and there is awareness that forwardlooking solutions can improve business processes and the competitive solution.
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The managers of money market funds are very reluctant to let a money market fund break the buck because its investors might rapidly redeem their shares of the fund. On the other hand, these managers are very reluctant to make prospective promises that they will always bail out their money market funds.31 Under SEC rules, money market funds (like other mutual funds) must generally allow their shareholders to redeem their shares at the NAV set at 4 p.m. on every business day, and redemption proceeds must be paid within seven days.32 For this reason, when a money market fund has come close to breaking the buck, its manager has almost always bailed it out, usually by buying at face value the fund s investments that had incurred the loss. In 1995, for instance, several advisers bailed out their money market funds for losses they sustained on securities issued by Orange County in California.33 In 2007 and 2008, several managers again bought at face value questionable commercial paper from the money funds they managed.34 In the early 1990s, one money market fund in Colorado actually did break the buck, but this incident did not lead to a general wave of redemptions of money market funds. Rather, there was a ight to quality, as investors ocked to the money market funds with the most conservative investments and the managers with the best reputations for integrity. In fact, the Colorado fund s shareholders were mainly institutions, which recovered over 95 percent of their investments in the fund.35 On Tuesday, September 16, 2008, the money market industry was shaken up when the Reserve Fund, run mainly for institutional investors, broke the buck because of losses on its holdings of Lehman bonds. The Reserve Fund had $62.6 billion in total assets, of which $785 million was invested in Lehman bonds, or only about 1.3 percent of its assets.36 The Reserve Fund was one of the oldest money market funds, run by a veteran manager with a previously conservative reputation. During the same week, however, institutions tried to redeem most of their monies from the Reserve Fund.37 On Wednesday, September 17, 2008, the trustees of the Putnam Prime Money Market Fund, another institutional fund with $12.3 billion in assets, suddenly voted to close the fund and distribute its $12.3 billion in assets to investors.38 Putnam said that the Fund had no investments in the bonds of Lehman Brothers or AIG. Nevertheless, the Fund had experienced a wave of redemption requests. According to Putnam,
C. Authorization is obtained for all accounts provided for the individual who is requesting access. D. The individual is given the opportunity to change their password immediately upon first log in. Answer: B The correct answer is B. Tying an actual person to the ID or account is the key factor in the identification process and is what establishing identity is all about. Gathering relevant information is an important administrative function (A) and the authorization processes should always include approvals (C). Good authentication processes will always enable users to create their own password (D) to ensure their identity is maintained, however, establishing identity requires proving you are who you say you are. 12. The security concept of need to know implies all of the following except A. All access allowed within a permission set or role that is approved on a need to know basis can be viewed, copied, or modified because of the permissions granted. B. Access is required to perform the assigned functions supporting the business process. C. Data owners and their stewards have explicitly determined that the access by this role or person is acceptable. D. The least amount of privilege necessary to perform the function has been granted to the role or person receiving this permission. Answer: A The correct answer is A. Just because permission has been granted does not mean access within the permitted range is acceptable at all times. Privacy considerations and ethical behavior should take precedence over permissions in situations where broader access, which is necessary for a particular function, is granted to the individual overall. Certainly being granted access implies that this access may be needed in order to perform the function for which it was permitted (B) at some point in time. And the implication is that that permission was a decision made by the data owner or their designated steward (C). It also implies that a least privilege methodology (D) was used to determine what access should be permitted and what should be denied.
12.2.5 Filtering in the Port Analysis
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