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Tokens and Impersonation
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Let BERi and SINRi denote, respectively, the BER requirement and the SINR requirement for class i users. The system capacity is de ned as the maximum (n 1 , . . . , n i , . . . , n K ) that can be supported such that the SINR achieved is greater than or equal to the SINRi required 99% of the time for all classes. That is, the outage probability is de ned as in (3.20) with
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Band group #5 Band Band #13 #14
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Without some version of this ideal security program, there will always be questions about whether the time and effort for security is being spent wisely and whether there is justification for the funding and compromise necessary to implement a security program. The risk assessment and establishment of the functional requirements is really no more that a SDLC methodology applied to the problem of what do we need to do about security Once the risks are identified and an agreement is reached with management about how secure they want to be, the rest is a matter of priorities, time allocation, and resources. All of the project requirements usually boil down to the good-cheap-fast triangle. You cannot satisfy all three elements simultaneously. If the desire is for a good and cheap solution, it will most likely take a long time to implement. If time is short and it has to be a high quality product, it will most likely be rather expensive. If the available funding is limited and time is constrained, then the product s quality will have to be the variable that is adjusted downward. By establishing the security quality requirements of the business and documenting that decision, the other two sides of the good-cheap-fast triangle then can be better assessed and defended, and the project can move forward when time and money become more of a concern. Along with the project plans, baseline assessments, and risk analysis, the overall security program will consist of the definition of the security team and their roles and responsibilities. Even if this is only a one person team, the mission and services provided should be documented and available
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3GPP AAA Server
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JavaScript essentials
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12.3.2 MB-OFDM Parameters Table 12.2 lists the key parameters related to the MB-OFDM system. The sampling frequency is 528 MHz and the IFFT size is 128. Of the 128 subcarriers, there are 100 data subcarriers, 12 pilot subcarriers, 10 guard subcarriers, and 6 NULL subcarriers. Both the guard subcarriers and the NULL subcarriers are allocated at the edge of the band for relaxing lter requirements [1]. Note that the dc value is also set to zero. The 12 pilot subcarriers are allocated uniformly across the band for the purpose of tracking the frequency and phase. The OFDM symbol interval is 312.5 ns, both IFFT and FFT with periods of 242.42 ns and a zero-padded suf x, and a guard interval period of 70.08 ns.
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Thus, a spatial multiplexing gain of M can be achieved for MIMO systems even when the CSI is unavailable at the transmitter. Figure 2.5 illustrates the ergodic capacity of MIMO fading channels with different antenna con gurations for the CSI-unknown case. Here we also plot the lower bound of the ergodic capacity for 4 4 MIMO channels. It is seen that this lower bound is tight when the SNR is greater than 25 dB. Further, for asymmetric antenna con gurations, for a given M and in the high-SNR region, there exists a xed SNR loss when the transmitting antenna number is larger than the receiving antenna number.
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