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a wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN) that can support a raw data rate in excess of 120 Mbps. IEEE 802.11e is used to provide multiclass differentiation in WLANs of up to four access categories: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g, and the upcoming IEEE 802.11n WLAN. IEEE 802.11b can support a data rate of up to 11 Mbps, and IEEE 802.11a and IEEE 802.11g can support a data rate of up to 54 Mbps. The upcoming IEEE 802.11n can support a data rate of up to 600 Mbps with multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology. MIMO means that multiple transmit and receive antennas are used. More details on IEEE 802.11e and IEEE 802.11n are given in 11. WiMedia can support a data rate of up to 480 Mbps. More details on WiMedia are given in 12. In the last part of this chapter, the outage probability, which is also a QoS metric, is studied through a case study. A performance analysis of multiclass video services in a multirate DS-CDMA system is presented. This analysis can also be used to model voice and data traf cs. The chapter is organized as follows. In Section 8.1 we give an overview of QoS and the shift in traf c modeling from Poissonian models to self-similar models. In Section 8.2 we present the various traf c models and in Section 8.2.1, traf c models for voice traf c, including the classical voice traf c model and the voice over IP traf c model. Section 8.2.2 covers traf c models for video traf c, including Maglaris s model, Sen s model, the Markov modulated Poisson process (MMPP) model, and the fractional ARIMA model. In Section 8.2.3 we present traf c models for data traf c. The data traf c that are considered in this section are le transfer protocol and email. Other traf c models are presented in Section 8.2.4. These models include Web browsing and network gaming traf c. In Section 8.3 we present the quality of four types of wireless systems. The UMTS QoS requirements are presented in Section 8.3.1, and the four traf c classes in UMTSs are described. Four scheduling services and their key QoS parameters in WiMax are described in Section 8.3.2. Four traf c classes in IEEE 802.11e wireless local area network and its access category parameters are presented in Section 8.3.3. Similarly, four traf c classes in a WiMedia wireless personal area network and its access category parameters are presented in Section 8.3.4. Another QoS parameter of outage probability is considered in an example of multiclass video services in a multirate DS-CDMA system in Section 8.4. In Section 8.5 we summarize the salient aspects of the contents of the chapter, including extensive references to papers on modeling of traf c in the literature.
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What a coup! Or so I thought. I was so na ve that when I sent the card off to PSA for grading, I spent $50 for 48-hour turnaround. (Hey, I needed the $2,000 my mortgage was due!) The PSA graders first determine whether the card is authentic (not counterfeit) and whether it has been altered. Once they establish that it s real, the graders then focus on the characteristics of the card, such as the strength and quality of the corners, color, edges, centering, surface, print clarity, and overall eye-appeal. My card came back with a PSA rating of 4.5. It was hardly worth the paper it had been printed on and would sell for about $2. Who knew However, if you have a really rare card, a low PSA rating can still bring in big bucks. Please see Figure 3.6 for a Lou Gehrig card (rated PSA 5.0) that sold for over $6,000. Wouldn t you like to find one of those in an old trunk in your attic Notice that the PSA rating was only 5. In this case, it didn t matter that the rating was low, because the card was so scarce. If you re going to specialize in sports cards, educate yourself, and then educate yourself some more. In the sporting card business, most sellers don t take bids from new eBay users who have zero feedback (see 1 for the basics on feedback). Sometimes, on expensive items, sellers pre-approve their bidders. This is a good way to protect yourself from someone that just wants to mess around with your auctions. According to eBay, based on its research, more than 50% of unpaid items come from new users with a feedback score of less than 5. For this reason, you may want to say in your listing, Only bidders with a feedback score of 5 or higher.
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(Fig. 4.6) to hold the joint together, though these are likely less reliable and robust than the dogs and can sometimes interfere with other glassware and joints on the apparatus.
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Successful trading involves numbers, not money. That is a hard concept for beginners to grasp. Do not misunderstand the message. Money matters, and you want to keep losses low. However, once a trade has been analyzed and the risk of the trade correctly calculated, you must determine whether you will take the trade or not. If the risk is too great and you cannot or do not want to take it, walk away. If the trade is taken, do not abandon the ship just because the market moves against you and you are down a few pennies. If the numbers still say the trade is right, stick with it until a key number is broken and the market proves that the trade is wrong. Most trading platforms have a profit / loss box on them. It is easy for beginners to focus on a monetary loss rather than the numbers. Prices bobble up and down and a trade that will be ultimately successful may show a loss for a few minutes. That is the guile of the market. Exit when the market says the play is wrong. Stay focused on the key numbers and the indicators. Before executing a trade, identify key points like support, resistance, protective stop placement, and profit targets. Then watch those numbers and use them in conjunction with market indicators like the NYSE Tick and the NYSE Advance/Decline line or TRIN to evaluate whether the trade is working. Just because the market bobbles slightly against the trade and a loss appears on the trading platform does not mean that the trade is, indeed, a loser. I think that the best way to trade the numbers is to stay in your financial comfort zone. Never take risks that you cannot afford. When you do so, your anxiety level rises and your focus is no longer clear. Understand the risks involved in every trade, and once the risk is accepted, give the trade a chance to work. Use the market s numbers and indicators to identify the time to take profits or eject from an impending disaster.
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