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different penetration (user saturation) levels at different regions, as this may require the application of different interference calculation procedures. An operation of all radiocommunication stations using the same or adjacent frequency bands as the potentially affected (receiving) stations should be evaluated in terms of: calculation of isolation (separation) between the examined stations in all possible UMTS user activity combinations and the potentially affected system; calculation of aggregated interference power spectral density at the receiver input of the examined stations. The aggregated interference power spectral density distribution at the receiver input allows for assessment of the probability of disturbances with respect to the maximum allowable interference levels. Depending on the requirements defined for the system, to which UMTS should be compatible, it is possible to use one of the concepts below for evaluation of interference at the receiver input [9]: I/N concept, where the allowable level of interference is considered with respect to the internal receiver noise, defining a certain C/N coefficient degradation; C/I concept, where the allowable level of interference is considered with respect to the required level of usable signal. Among the multitude of methods used for evaluating interference between elements of different radio communication systems as well as between elements of the same radio communication system, two methods seem to be most important. They are respectively called Minimum Coupling Loss (MCL) and Monte Carlo (MC). The MCL method is usually applied for a preliminary assessment of frequency sharing possibilities and it is suitable for static interference situations, e.g. between radio link stations and base stations of a mobile system or between base stations of mobile systems. The results obtained with this method concern the worst cases of the interference scenarios. The MC method is applicable where there are moving radio terminals. This statistical method enables one to get more realistic results; however, in some cases they must be treated with precaution. Accurate results are obtained principally only when the probability distributions of all the input parameters are well known. The MC method is more complicated in terms of application than MCL.
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Listing 4- 5: MenuCheck.java
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Some answers are found in your referrer logs, but links that are sent from friends to friends or show up in an association handout at an annual meeting will remain mysteries. More than one marketing manager has told me that they get more traffic when their competitors fire up a big promotion. Their audience becomes interested in the offer-and the alternatives. Understanding what drives traffic to strange pages deep in your Web site is less a matter of log files and more a matter of astrology, Ouija boards, and spirit channeling. The sticks-andstones part of this issue is whether you're watching how people navigate from the nonobvious entry pages on your site as well as the obvious places. They are just as capable of being the first step in what will become your customer experience. Customer experience is not the process and procedure you have in place, it's not the awardwinning design your graphic artists have conjured up, and it's not the form you need filled out to satisfy the sales force automation tool, the customer support database, and those folks down in accounting. Customer experience is what an individual goes through while trying to accomplish a specific task. Accomplishing that task begins with what your site visitor actually sees.
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where Hk,l (m) is the channel response at the mth subcarrier of the channel between the lth transmitting antenna and the kth receiving antenna; u l (n; m) is the additive noise. If we collect Nr received signals at the mth subcarrier, z k (n; m) for k = 1, 2, . . . , Nr , to form a vector z(n; m) = [ z 1 (n; m) z 2 (n; m) z Nr (n; m) ]T , we have z(n; m) = H(m)s(n; m) + u(n; m), where H(m) = H1,1 (m) H2,1 (m) . . . HNr ,1 (m) H1,2 (m) H2,2 (m) . . . HNr ,2 (m) . . . H1,Nt (m) H2,Nt (m) C Nr Nt . . . HNr ,Nt (m) (2.70)
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Figure 4.8 An orchestration example.
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slave led to a reduction in their threshold currents of 7.0% and 9.7% respectively. (The freerunning threshold current Ith values were 57 mA and 53 mA respectively for the master and slave laser.) The temperature and current were adjusted to ensure that the master (26 66 C, 1 136Ith ) and slave (27 92 C, 1 035Ith ) operate at the same wavelength. A small percentage (3%) of the master optical output is injected into the slave and this led to synchronization of the slave to the master. In Figure 6.2(a), the time evolution of the master and slave lasers is shown. The upper trace (master laser) is shifted vertically for clarity. The slave laser actually lags behind the master laser by a time equal to the time for light to travel between the two lasers c , but this cannot be noticed in Figure 6.2(a) due to the different time scales: c is of the order of nanoseconds, and the time-resolution is of the order of microseconds. The synchronization can conveniently be illustrated by using a synchronization diagram, which consists of a plot of the master intensity vs. the slave intensity. If the two lasers were perfectly synchronized, the synchronization diagram will be a straight line with a positive gradient.
This is the mean power of one carrier measured at the antenna connector, given that no other passive or active elements are applied to the antenna. The minimum requirements apply to the rated output power, which is the mean power level per carrier declared by manufacturer and measured at the antenna connector. In Table 10.2, the 3GPP specific values are depicted. For micro and pico base stations, there are clearly defined upper limits. For the macro BS, there is no definition of an upper limit of output power; typically, it varies between 10 and 45 W, with a step of 5 W, depending on manufacturer and product line. The tolerance of the output power could vary in a range between 2 5 dB from the nominal level. The maximum output power of any UMTS cell is limited in [2] to the value of 50 dBm by the range of Maximum Transmission Power parameter. It describes the maximal summarised power of all physical channels in a cell for downlink. The total output power of the power amplifier (PA) per carrier is shared by all physical channels supported by the BS. There are channels with fixed power allocation, i.e. the Common Control Channels (CCCHs), and with flexible power allocation obeying power control algorithms. The power of CPICH is defined as the percentage of the total power (typically 8 10 %), and the other CCCH s output power is related to the CPICH [2]. In Table 10.3, some example power allocations are presented. The CPICH power indicates the cell range; consequently, if a significant portion of the total power is assigned to the pilot signal, the coverage of the cell is considerably enlarged, but the remaining power allocated to the traffic channels decreases and hence the capacity is low. In addition, if more power is assigned to the other common control channels, the signalling reliability rises, but again less power would remain for traffic channels.
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