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Figure 4.19 A conventional water-cooled condenser.
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Reviewing the access control processes periodically will be necessary to keep them in synchronization with the changes to the data quality and users needs. Whether the user roles are defined or access is granted on an individual basis, the IS auditor should expect to see a process in place for periodically validating the access to ensure that it remains appropriate to the needs of the business. These ownership reviews should be documented and driven by policies and procedures that describe the required processes in sufficient detail to ensure that the activity is done thoroughly and in consideration of all the applicable review criteria. These criteria should include the validation of the information classification, the validation of
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*See Keith Bradsher, China s Exports Climbed Steeply in April, New York Times, May 12, 2006; and Fred Bergsten, Trade: Clash of the Titans, Newsweek, International Edition, May 24, 2006.
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As programs get more sophisticated they are called upon more and more to communicate with other software. Interoperability is the measure of the effort required to achieve this. Coupling systems together is a key component of any software design. Developers who do not build this in from the outset, if required, typically use significant time and money to retrofit such a feature. You have been warned. When designing and writing software, keep all these quality requirements constantly in mind.
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channel, as will be discussed in this chapter. Figure 8.1 shows the basic propagation mechanisms that cause multipath effects. 8.2.2 Classi cation of UWB Channel Models
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Adding Attributes
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Minimalist guide to HTML and JavaScript The first row comprises three links, each using an image as the link element (the example uses intra-page links , e.g. href="#Photo"). The links have attributes that define code that handles mouseover and mouseout events. The event-handling code is defined in JavaScript functions declared at the start of the HTML page. These functions change the picture that is displayed in the middle of the second row in the table. The image tag for the changeable picture is named so that it can be referenced from the code. The JavaScript code that performs the dynamic visual trickery consists of a little bit of code to set up a collection of images, and the chooseText and resetText functions called in response to mouse events. The initialization text is executed as the browser loads the page. It defines a new ImageArray class (the function ImageArray serves as both a class definition and a constructor). An ImageArray holds three Image objects (image objects are provided in JavaScript; such objects represent the attributes of an <img> tag). The three entries in the ImageArray are pictures that contain differing advertising messages for display in the middle row of the table. The rest of the initialization code specifies the source files with the images.
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