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For the radio planning of subscriber stations, it should be possible rst to plot the address location of the customer's site onto a map. A ` nd' feature mapping the postcode to the approximate location is valuable to determine the approximate link distance on a street map. Of course, it should also be possible to directly use geographical or map coordinates directly gained from the customer, building plans or from a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver, but these may not be available prior to a site visit. The initial goal is to check that it makes sense to send eld staff out to undertake an LOS check or installation attempt. It should be possible to request on the streetmap the nearest base station location and/or all base stations to which there is both likely LOS visibility and suf cient range. It should also be possible to annotate the map with the range (e.g. 99.99% range, 99.97%, 99.9%, etc.) of the base station for the particular chosen type of subscriber antenna. It is additionally helpful to view the planned link from a number of different 3D angles to get an idea of the likely obstructions. Being able to print the view from the remote station towards the base station helps the installer more quickly locate the appropriate base station, and thus more quickly align the antenna during installation. It should also be possible to use digital map information to plot the cross section of the path, checking both the direct line of site and the various Fresnel zones (as we discussed in detail in 8). It should be possible to print a mini `LOS report' showing the various diagrams and maps pertaining to the planned link (and possible BS options). This report could then be used by the external eld staff as the basis of the nal LOS check conducted from the customer site in the eld. The service technician thus knows in advance which buildings, terrain or other obstacles might be obstructing the Fresnel zone 1 (Figure 16.1), and can assess their impact during the site survey. During the site visit, a telephone call with the planning department could enable the eld technician to report nal exact coordinates of the installation location (using a GPS receiver), and ask for any further analysis of unexpected LOS problems (e.g. likely re ection point, interference, etc.). He can also report the exact network interfaces which need to be provided and the con rm the total bit rate/capacity need. Then, while the technician gets on with the job of installing the cable, power supply, antenna mount and other equipment, the planner can be arranging the `provisioning' of the link (i.e. its con guration in network management).
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Heap Tree Structure
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9: The Center of Your Digital Home
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1.5 802.11b STANDARD
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call. If it is not available, the system will check if there is an available guard channel for it. There are C G guard channels. If it is available, a channel will be assigned for the call. If it is not available, the call will be blocked. After the call has ended, the channel will be released. Let us consider a single-class-system model for the fractional guard channel scheme, as shown in Figure 5.14. Only handoff calls can make use of any available C channels, while new calls can only make use of any available C C G normal channels with probability j , depending on the channel occupancy. Figure 5.15 shows a one-dimensional nite-state Markov chain for the fractional guard channel scheme and there are new and handoff connections. The guard channels, C G , are reserved for handoff connections only. A one-dimensional nite-state Markov chain is used to solve for the fractional guard channel scheme. Let {P( j)} be the steady-state probabilities of the Markov chain. Solving the Markov chain, we get j 1 ( + h ) i=0 i n 1 P(0), j ( ) j! P( j) = C CG 1 j (C C G ) ( i n + h ) ( h ) i=0 P(0), ( ) j j! free code128b
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Getting Set to Program with J2ME
Wireless Reality
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