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Accounting Software
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The big question that a trader must answer is whether to be long, short, or out of the market. Most of the time, a trader should be out. With each gray hair, I learn the importance of analysis. Because I spend so much of my time looking for the right market approach and because I have so many gray hairs, some of my friends call me The Silver Fox. The vast majority of my time is spent in analysis. Likewise, most of your trading day should be spent gathering numbers and scrutinizing them in the context of the economic landscape. Before you execute a trade, you should have a well-thought-out plan. Where should you buy or sell Where will resistance and support likely step into the picture If the bulls win the battle and that first point of resistance is broken, where will the bulls likely be challenged again Also, consider the strength of the bears and locate the price points where they will gain strength. Know what the reasonable profit targets will be. Identify points of entry if things turn bullish and points of entry if the bears steal the show. With each possible entry point, know how to respond if the play is wrong. That let s you know where to place protective stops. Trading is not about taking every play. It is about taking winning plays and making money. Therefore, the secret is to select trades carefully and take only a few trades each day. Good traders verify the numbers, check the indicators, and select the ideal time for entering and exiting the market. They do not try to execute marathon trading sessions. Overtrading is the single easiest way to lose money.
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Perhaps the supreme challenge of self-discipline is how you react to bad news. If every time someone blurts out that they ve dropped the team another day behind schedule you do an impersonation of Krakatoa, all that will happen is that everyone else will instinctively lie low. Far from sympathizing with you, they might feel that your reaction is even more upsetting than the news. You will get a much more supportive reaction if you take a deep breath and think through the implications, which is what everyone else is striving to do. I m not suggesting that you shouldn t let off steam later, but it s better, especially if you are a leader, to help others to come to terms with the setback. This will earn you considerable respect.
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If the volume of sales your program can sustain is larger than you can cope with yourself yet falls short of universal, consider sub-contracting your sales. Appointing dealers gives many more prospects access to your program. There are more places where it can be seen and many more salespeople to help you, more than you will be able to afford yourself for a considerable time. With dealers, all the premises, organization, recruiting, and management are done for you. Web sites, such as online shareware vendors, bring instant outlets for low-cost programs and provide an excellent discovery point for reviewers. As previously mentioned, specialized software is often better sold through dealers that specialize. These may be chosen for their location, customer profile, or technical expertise. Working upstream from similar or related software will usually guide you to them. While getting software accepted by a Web site is a relatively swift operation, finding, vetting, establishing, and supporting a network of dealers takes time.
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Frame Body
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Know Your Business
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Create a Good Communications Environment
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TOTAL COST Security Expenditures + Fianancial Loss Optimal Point COST Security Expenditure
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Organizational Changes
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Managing these information resources could be a very complicated task due to rapid changes in this field. Generally speaking, there are two options available to managers: inhouse operation and outsourcing. In-house operation requires your own data processing facilities and personnel. This approach allows users to receive MIS services faster and easier. However, it requires the company to use the equipment and employ MIS personnel to assure the facility is fully functional. A multitude of companies specializing in IS services provide expertise and economies of scale that no single organization can achieve. Outsourcing used to refer only to
on audits of the Fed by the General Accounting Of ce.33 Because the Fed is vulnerable to criticism that it has assisted the Treasury in circumventing the legislative appropriations process, the Fed should disclose to Congress the details of its ongoing exposure to the bailout program, except to the extent that disclosures on a speci c nancial institution would threaten that institution s solvency. By making such disclosures, the Fed could hopefully move Congress from implicit acquiescence to express recognition of the Fed s large expenditures to support the bank bailout.
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appearing quite pure by other criteria, whereas distilled compounds are most often water-white (provided they have no chromophore).
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By far, the hardest emotional pitfall a speculator must deal with is tips. It was the main reason Livermore moved uptown to Fifth Avenue to get out of the reach of everyone who was trying to help him by giving him sure things and inside information. Beware of all inside information and tips. Below is an excerpt from the biography Jesse Livermore World s Greatest Stock Trader.
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