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353. hall_id.addElement(tevent.getText()); 354. foundhallid = false; 355. } 356. if(hall) 357. { 358. hall_name.addElement(tevent.getText()); 359. hall = false; 360. } 361. } 362. } 363. catch(IOException ex) 364. { 365. System.out.println("Exception occured"); 366. } 367. } 368. while (!(event instanceof EndDocument)); 369. } 370. /* This if condition is true when this method is called second time. ie when data related 371. to a particular hall is read */ 372. if(i == 2) 373. { 374. do 375. { 376. try 377. { 378. 379. /* This will read the data from the stream and generate parsing events */ 380. event = (); 381. if(event.getType()==Xml.START_TAG) 382. { 383. StartTag stag = (StartTag)event; 384. if(stag.getName().equals("movie_name")) 385. { 386. moviename = true; 387. halldata.addElement("ms"); 388. } 389. if(stag.getName().equals("status")) 390. { 391. moviestatus = true; 392. halldata.addElement("st"); 393. 394. } 395. if(stag.getName().equals("movie_date")) 396. { 397. moviedate = true; 398. } 399. if(stag.getName().equals("showtime")) 400. { 401. showtime = true; 402. } 403. if(stag.getName().equals("balcony")) 404. {
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Domain Namespace
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Scalar variables
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Multipath propagation, or in short multipath, occurs when signals reflect off of various objects and even people and add constructively or destructively at the receiver antenna. When the signals add destructively, they can significantly impact the quality of the link. This can result in a significant reduction in the throughput of the system. Figure 1.6 depicts multipath when a direct line-of-sight (LOS) path does exist. Figure 1.7 depicts a scenario in
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External networks
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Figure 5-12
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In STAR, two approaches to updating routing information can be used: the optimum routing approach (ORA) and the least-overhead routing approach (LORA). The ORA provides updates to provide optimum paths de ned by a metric, whereas the LORA provides variable paths, which need not be optimum, thus reducing overhead. STAR was the rst proactive routing protocol to use the LORA. Accordingly, our discussion relates to STAR and the LORA. Using the LORA, a router sends source tree updates to its neighbors only when it loses all paths to one or more destinations, detects a new destination, determines local changes that can potentially create long-term looping, or changes in cost that exceed a threshold. Since source trees are exchanged among routers, new link information to a destination allows a router to infer the deletion of a link to the same destination, thereby eliminating the need to exchange deletion updates. However, if no new link exists, a router can make a deletion update when the failed link causes the router to have no paths to one or more destinations. The basic update unit that contains source tree changes is the link-state update (LSU). The LSU includes the characteristics of the link and is time-stamped a monotonically increasing number. A router accepts the LSU as valid if the LSU has a larger time stamp or if no entry for the link exists and the LSU is not reporting an in nite cost. One important aspect of STAR is that LSUs for operational links do not age out, so periodic ooding of LSUs is not required to validate link-state information. However, link state information for failed links is LSUs erased from the topology graph due to aging (e.g., an hour after processing the LSU). Additionally, a router will erase a link from its topology graph if the link is not found in the source trees received from its neighbors. STAR relies on an underlying protocol to insure that a router will detect, within a nite time period, the existence of a new neighbor, the disconnection between a neighbor, and the reliable transmission of LSUs. J. J. Garcia and M. Spohn [18, 19] compared the performance of STAR (LORA) with DSR (1998 version) using the C Protocol Toolkit (CPT) simulator environment having 20 wireless nodes in continuous motion for 900 and 1800 s with various ows (i.e., the number of sources of data). Under all ow scenarios, STAR generated fewer update packets than DSR with comparable data delivery. Under certain scenarios, STAR was able to deliver twice or three times the number of data packets than DSR. A more recent version of DSR is discussed below. Hong [20] introduced performance comparisons of STAR and open shortest path rst (OSPF), ad hoc on-demand distance vector (AODV) and dynamic source routing (DSR) using the simulation tool PARSEC. In certain scenarios, STAR outperformed OSPF, AODV, and DSR by generating fewer routing packets while providing similar quality routing service to data delivery. 15.4.5 HSR
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Laser Interferometry
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137. } 138. if(event.getType()== Xml.TEXT) 139. { 140. TextEvent tevent = (TextEvent)event; 141. if(foundstate) 142. { 143. state = tevent.getText(); 144. data = data+" "+state; 145. foundstate = false; 146. } 147. else 148. { 149. data = data+" "+ tevent.getText(); 150. } 151. } 152. 153. if(event.getType()==Xml.END_TAG) 154. { 155. EndTag etag = (EndTag)event; 156. if(etag.getName().equals("weather")) 157. { 158. data = data+" "; 159. founditem = false; 160. /* Calling the method for insertion of record into the database */ 161. id = record_add(data); 162. /* insertion of record into the hashtable */ 163. htable.put((Object)state, Integer.toString(id)); 164. data = ""; 165. } 166. } 167. } 168. catch(IOException ex) 169. { 170. System.out.println("Exception occured"); 171. } 172. } 173. while (!(event instanceof EndDocument)); 174. try 175. { 176. /* Closes RecordStore after insertion of records */ 177. recordStore.closeRecordStore(); 178. } 179. catch(RecordStoreException rse) 180. { 181. rse.printStackTrace(); 182. } 183. 184. } 185. /* Function for record addtion...*/ 186. int record_add(String data) 187. { 188. int i = 0; 189. try
(5.122) (5.123)
Security Monitoring and Testing
But first I'd have to get the phone number in the guard shack. I waited a little so if I got the same operator when I dialed back in, she wouldn't recognize my voice. After a bit I called and said, "We've got a complaint that the phone at the Ridge Road guard shack has reported intermittent problems--are they still having trouble " She said she didn't know but would connect me. The guy answered, "Ridge Road gate, this is Ryan." I said, "Hi, Ryan, this is Ben. Were you having problems with your phones there " He's just a low-paid security guard but I guess he had some training because he right away said, "Ben who--what's your last name " I just kept right on as if I hadn't even heard him. "Somebody reported a problem earlier." I could hear him holding the phone away and calling out, "Hey, Bruce, Roger, was there a problem with this phone. He came back on and said, "No, no problems we know about." "How many phone lines do you have there " He had forgotten about my name. "Two," he said. "Which one are you on now " "3140." Gotcha! "And they're both working okay " "Seems like." Okay, I said. Listen, Tom, if you have any phone problems, just call us in Telecom any time. We're here to help." My buddy and I decided to visit the plant the very next night. Late that afternoon I called the guard booth, using the name of the Marketing guy. I said, "Hi, this is Tom Stilton in Graphics. We're on a crash deadline and I have a couple of guys driving into town to help out. Probably won't be here till one or two in the morning. Will you still be on then " He was happy to say that, no, he got off at midnight. I said, "Well, just leave a note for the next guy, okay When two guys show up and say they've come to see Tom Stilton, just wave 'em on in-okay " Yes, he said, that was fine. He took down my name, department, and extension number and said he'd take care of it. We drove up to the gate a little after two, I gave Tom Stilton's name, and a sleepy guard just pointed to the door we should go in and where I should park.
The usual arithmetic and related operators: +, -, /, * and % The assignment operator = and the usual variants: +=, -= etc. ++, -- (pre and post versions as in C/C++/Java). Comparison operators: ==, !=, >=, <=, > and <. Bitwise operators for integers: |, &, ^, ~, >> and << C s ternary conditional operator :
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