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Part II
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Change projects associated with the reengineering of business processes is a complex and high risk endeavor to a company because it will impact the way business is done, putting the existing client base at risk as well as the related business processes. If you are participating in one of these business process change projects, you will find it an insightful and challenging project. Whether you are involved as a participant or charged with evaluating such a project after the fact, there are several pitfalls and traps to be aware of and to test for to ensure a successful deployment. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) implies radical and fundamental changes to the way the business process is done. Unlike Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques, which stress continual improvement over an extended period of time, BPR results in the questioning of even the most basic principles that are held as unshakeable standards. It forces the challenging of every aspect of the business in a search for significant changes that might radically improve the process at its very core. The intentions of BPR are to compress all of this change into a fixed, usually short, time frame regardless of the amount of change that may have to be accommodated to meet that time frame commitment. BPR is often performed as a redesign or clean sheet approach to the business process. Workflows are reestablished often by using independent third parties that are less familiar with the old ways and stigmas of the past trials and errors. Your assessment of this process must ensure that the basic needs and requirements of the business processes are well documented before beginning. To add value to this process, ensure that these needs are truly external requirements and not internally generated as the result of legacy culture from the way things have been done in the past. Unfamiliarity with the internal business climate and culture is actually a benefit in this particular case. The makeup of the team performing this task will be a key element to its success. First of all, change of this magnitude must be driven and fully supported from the topmost management layers of the organization. Their tolerance and patience for this amount of risk and disruption will be required for any hope of success. But at the same time, there must be a grass roots buy-in and a willingness to participate and embrace these changes, or the resistance will make this process very painful at best and a failed experiment in a worst case scenario. Some of the other attributes of this kind of change process, in contrast with other methods used to improve the design of the business process, are that this is more likely to be a technologically driven approach. The section on application development covered how large-scale vendor solutions, which were specifically designed to solve a business problem, could initiate
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The saved return address (a straight stack overflow; use information disclosure techniques to determine the location of the return address) The Global Offset Table (GOT) (dynamic relocations for functions; great if someone is using the same binary as you are; for example, rpm) The destructors (DTORS) table (destructors get called just before exit) C library hooks such as malloc_hook, realloc_hook and free_hook The atexit structure (see the man atexit) Any other function pointer, such as C++ vtables, callbacks, and so on In Windows, the default unhandled exception handler, which is (nearly) always at the same address
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The three parts of a self-marketing sound bite
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Figure 6-8
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Increase your item s visibility
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Books, movies, and music
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Let S denote the overall successful rate of a node. We have
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Figure 6.1 An illustration of the Human Mind.
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9: Project 4 : Peer-to-Peer Search Application 233
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PROFILE Legal/administrative assistant with more than twenty years of experience in corporations and law firms. Proven ability to handle sensitive information. Highly organized team player, skilled at building business relationships on all levels of an organization. Excellent interpersonal skills. Reliable and responsible.
Creating scripting extensions to manage user accounts
Root of an XML Schema Document Declaring the Location of Your XML Schema Document
This is a period where, provided the money is rolling in, you can afford a limited number of mistakes. However, this window of deceptive immortality is brief: six months, a year, 18 months at the outside. During this time, you either learn to expand or success gradually falls in on itself.
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