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class EchoCGI : public CGI_Helper { protected: virtual void StartTokens() ; virtual void ProcessToken(Token *tok); virtual void EndTokens(); };
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The only drawback to all the possible things to measure is that there are so many of them.
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Figure 4-1: A good grading system gets more difficult gradually.
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A general trend, however, is the move to direct-conversion and low IF receivers and away from superheterodyne architectures. This trend is driven by the push for low cost, high integration designs with minimal external components. In the case of WLAN, the majority of the designs are of the direct-conversion type due to the wideband nature of the modulation used. Table 2.1 summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the various receiver architectures that have been discussed in this chapter. 2.1.5 Superheterodyne Transmitter
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from Stockholm, his own personal Ithaka, Klein relished exploring distant lands, but also looked forward to the familiarity of home. He enjoyed his encounters with mysterious creatures of the deep strange new physical effects as much as he appreciated the quiet everyday shipboard tasks of a scientist. Though a highly original thinker, Klein is best known for his alsos and almosts : In quantum physics, he is cohonored with Walter Gordon for the Klein-Gordon equation of relativistic waves, with Pascual Jordan for the Jordan-Klein matrices and second quantization theory, and with Yoshio Nishina for the Klein-Nishina formula of high-energy photon scattering by electrons not to mention his sequel to Kaluza. Of his most famous results, only the Klein paradox, an effect related to the reflection of electrons by a barrier, comes with no dash before or after his name. And the what ifs are legendary. Klein reportedly developed an early version of the Schr dinger equation (the dynamo of quantum mechanics), but was too ill at the time to see it through to publication, and proposed a description of the strong interaction that featured premonitions of Yang and Mill s pivotal gauge theory. And when Kaluza-Klein theory made its late twentieth-century comeback virtually at the time Klein had just left this planet, one could almost hear his spirit cry out, I told you so! This record of collaborative hits and tantalizing near-misses does not detract from the value of Klein s contributions. On the contrary, it points to his pivotal place at the heart of twentieth-century physics. Like Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schr dinger, Paul Dirac, and other notables, Klein seized on the black box of atomic behavior and never relented in his quest to explain its mysterious inner workings. His innovative outlook inspired many others to set aside their preconceptions and ponder alternative explanations. For much of his life, Klein lived in the shadow of the Nobel Prize. This was only natural, since he was a member of the small community of physicists in the city where the prize was awarded. The connections were even more than his nationality would suggest. His first research, at the Nobel Institute, was under the guidance of Nobel laureate Svante Arrhenius. For many years, Klein was one of the leading assistants to Niels Bohr, another recipient of the prize. He was also close friends with Wolfgang Pauli and had many contacts with
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