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344 11: Project 6: Target Practice Game
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one or multiple downlink bursts. The rst downlink burst contains all the broadcast MAC management messages, which include, but are not limited to, downlink channel descriptor (DCD), uplink channel descriptor (UCD), downlink map (DL-MAP), and uplink map (UL-MAP). Both DCD and UCD de ne the physical channel characteristics for downlink and uplink, respectively. In practice, the channel characteristics are given as a set of burst pro les that can be used, where each burst pro le is a combination of parameters that describe the transmission properties, such as modulation and coding schemes. In the speci cation [4], each burst pro le is identi ed through an assigned code, called downlink interval usage code (DIUC) and uplink interval usage code (UIUC). DL-MAP de nes the burst start times, but not duration, for each individual downlink burst and its associated DIUC. UL-MAP indicates the start time and duration of time intervals granted to different SSs for their uplink transmissions, as well as the associated UIUC. In the downlink subframe, besides the rst downlink burst, the other downlink bursts begin with an optional preamble to enhance the synchronization and channel estimation. Following the preamble, a number of MAC protocol data units (PDUs) are packaged into a single downlink burst. These MAC PDUs may be associated with different service ows, connections, or SSs, but all of these PDUs are encoded and modulated using the same burst pro le. Each MAC PDU consists of a MAC header, PDU payload, and cyclic redundancy check code (CRC). The MAC header may carry information for automatic repeat request (ARQ), packing, and fragmentation. Packing is the process of combining multiple MAC service data units (SDUs) from the higher protocol layer into a single MAC PDU. On the other hand, fragmentation is the process of dividing a MAC SDU into multiple MAC PDUs. The uplink subframe consists of three contention slots for initial ranging, 10 contention slots for bandwidth request, and one or multiple slots of an uplink burst set. The purpose of initial ranging is to facilitate the SSs entry into the system by providing power control, frequency offset adjustment, time offset correction, and basic management request. The bandwidth request contention slots are used for the SSs to transmit their bandwidth request messages. Contention resolution in the slots is achieved through binary exponential backoff, where the start and end of the contention window range are announced periodically in UDC. Different from the downlink burst set, which may consist of multiple downlink bursts, each uplink burst set has only one uplink burst. The uplink burst structure is similar to the downlink burst. One noticeable difference is that each uplink burst may have optional midambles inserted periodically to enhance synchronization and channel estimation. In both downlink burst and uplink burst, the size of each burst is an integer number of the OFDM symbol length to exactly match the OFDM symbol and burst boundaries. To form an integer number of OFDM symbols, unused bytes in the burst payload might be padded by the bytes 0xFF. As illustrated in Figure 10.5, the BS maintains a downlink packet queue for each SS, and the queue is used to hold SDUs from the higher layer. During the process of node entry into system, each SS negotiates its QoS requirement with the BS. Based on the QoS negotiated and downlink queue length, the downlink scheduler at the BS schedules the next SDU to be transmitted. Several SDUs may be packed to form a
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Figure 3-4: Each COM object is identified by a unique Class-ID. Take a closer look at this wealth of information.
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The way that you go about including or excluding volumes or setting folder exclusions is through the Backup Configuration Wizard. The Backup Configuration Wizard can run separately for each computer that Windows Home Server backs up. You can run the wizard from any computer; you
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If at some point you have to give more of a straight answer, say that you are open to consider any terms of the position after you have a better sense of the position as a whole and can evaluate the travel factor in light of other job requirements. The idea is to keep the dialogue going and the door open as long as possible before closing the door by refusing travel from the start.
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data block to be transmitted to the receiver. Then 1 s0 (n) = s(n), M si (n) = s0 ((n i ) N ), (2.100) i = 1, 2, . . . , M 1. (2.101)
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