For example: <bold>Buy now!</bold> (HTML is sloppy in that it tolerates missing end tags; for example, most HTML lists appear like <ul><li>...<li>...<li>...</ul>, with none of the list-item <li> tags ever being properly closed by a matching </li>.)
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Auto-tuning of RRM Parameters in UMTS Networks
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This chapter contains short presentations on Internet Protocol (IP) addressing and the Domain Name System (DNS). Hopefully, the section on IP addressing is revision of familiar material. The material on DNS is probably new to you. IP addressing is still mostly based on the IP-v4 protocol. With IPv4, each machine actually connected to the Internet is identified by a 32-bit bit-pattern (IPv6 will increase this to 128 bits). Client machines used for browsers and so forth can have their IP addresses allocated on a per-session basis. Your Internet Service Provider ISP probably has a stock of a few thousand IP addresses; your machine is allocated one when you dial in, and this IP address gets reallocated after you disconnect. Sometimes your ISP may even change the IP address that you are using during the course of your session. However, servers obviously require fixed IP addresses their addresses need to be made known to customers and so cannot be changing all the time. You would not want to publish an IP address for your server; you want it to have a memorable name that will in itself attract customers e.g. www.money.com (CNN has that one) or www.sex.com (this has been taken too, as have www.drugs.com and www.rockandroll. com though its address is suspicious at and it doesn t answer). Your server name has to be registered with the Internet system before clients can use it to reach your services. A server name comprises a machine name and a domain name, and both must be known to other machines on the Internet. Getting a domain name for your host machine(s) is relatively easy; you just have to pay an organization like Network Solutions (http://www.networksolutions.com/). The rest involves rather more work. Your company is going to have to run programs that support the domain naming system; these programs are going to have to deal with requests for the actual IP addresses of machines in your company s domain. (Actually, it is probably better for a really small company to offload this network administration work to a service company, but eventually a growing company will need to control its own domain). You as an individual are unlikely to become responsible for your company s DNS system for quite a while. But eventually you will get that responsibility (and then you should read the O Reilly book DNS and Bind by Albitz and Liu). Meantime, you do need at least a limited understanding of the mechanisms that do the mapping from domain names to IP addresses.
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Advanced Materials
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Figure 2.24 Client-side components in GT3
Figure 3-8: Often, the TypeLibrary even includes documentation about the use of functions. This time, the list includes a short description of each command that tells you what the command is supposed to do. There s no law that requires an object to supply additional descriptive information, but many objects deliver such information voluntarily.
Instance Data Used In User Interaction
have magnitudes (lengths) and directions (the way the arrows are pointing). Not all physical entities can be expressed as four-vectors, however. Some quantities such as temperature don t point in any direction. It would be silly for a weather forecaster to say it s going to be a northwesterly 30 degrees outside. The wind velocity could shift in such a manner, but not the temperature itself. Therefore temperature is an example of a directionless mathematical object known as a scalar. Scalars don t have components, they are just single numbers. A third type of entity, the workhorse of the field of differential (calculus-based) geometry, is called a tensor. A tensor is essentially a rule sheet, or rulebook, delineating a particular way of transforming one mathematical object into another. For instance, a tensor applied to a four-vector might render it a different four-vector, or, alternatively, a scalar. Not all rules are possible; mathematicians restrict these to certain kinds of transformations. Nevertheless, tensors offer a great deal of flexibility, rendering them essential tools for modern geometric description. Tensors are often depicted in arrays, with rows and columns like a spreadsheet or a checkerboard. For example a tensor transforming one four-vector into another would be a four-by-four checkerboard. Each column represents one of the dimensions of the old fourvector (x, y, z, or t), and each row, one of the dimensions of the new four-vector. Placed in each square of the checkerboard is a function (mathematical rule) showing the part the old vector components play during their transformation into the new. By applying these rules, the tensor acts as a well-programmed machine, precisely carrying out its transformational duties. One of the most important operations in Minkowskian relativity involves a four-vector, a scalar, and a tensor. Suppose one wishes to measure the distance between two events in space-time, for example, the amount of space-time traversed by Hans and Peter s football. This differs from the conventional spatial distance, calculated by use of the Pythagorean theorem. According to the Pythagorean theorem, the square of the distance between two objects is the sum of the squares of their x, y, and z coordinate differences. But Minkowski space-time is not exactly a Euclidean geometry, so one must amend this formula.
This is all you need to make any script arguments-aware. If you launch this script, it won t show any arguments. Try dragging another file s icon onto your script icon (see Figure 2-5). This time, your script will report the name of the dragged file because it was fed to the script as an argument. Figure 2-5: Drag files onto your script icon to test its drag-anddrop capabilities.
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