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The number of visits to the client's Web site grows at an average quarterly rate of 15%, exclusive of online advertising. The number of product trialware downloads has increased at an average quarterly rate of over 50%-over three times faster than the growth in overall site traffic. In excess of 32% of free-trial users convert to a sale. Symantec's share in its competitive markets has more than doubled over the last year.
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Traditional charging is of ine charging: a subscriber uses a service and later, off-line, is sent the bill for the accumulated costs. In of ine charging, it is only the metering which is performed in real time. The other steps of the charging process can be performed later. Furthermore, the information ow between the network entities involved in charging is simple and
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familiar with scripting languages like Perl or JavaScript, regular expression pattern matching has probably been used before, so the concept should be familiar. Recall the restriction of our <state> element to two characters in Listing 4.13. Suppose that we wanted to restrict it to two capitalized characters. We could do that by using the <xsd:pattern> element as follows:
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Foster, Kesselman, Tuecke, The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations,
Figure 19.1. Sample phishing e-mail; it looks real, but isn t.
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