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In conclusion, UWB beamforming shows several interesting properties, simply because the travel time across the array is larger than the pulse duration. Related proofs, more simulations, and further discussions are given in Ries and Kaiser [34].
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might be, available. This is what s really meant by the proverbial hidden job market. Instead of just sitting at home answering ads or mailing unsolicited r sum s, you talk to people and hear about jobs that haven t yet been advertised.
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This time, you get an error. You can t ask for user names this way.
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Just as with integrity protection, encryption can be applied on any OSI layer. We concentrate on symmetric encryption, on the basis of a shared secret. Applying the same idea as for symmetric integrity protection, for encryption a calculation is performed on the data and the secret key. This time the sender knows the encryption function E and the receiver knows its inverse, the decryption function D. As illustrated in Figure. 13.3, the sender encrypts his message by running the function E over message M and secret key s. The result is an unintelligible message M . The sender sends M to the receiver. The receiver applies the decryption function D to M and s and regains the original message M. Also, in this case, the sender of the message is authenticated.
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Process Step B Process Step C Process Step D
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Figure 10.4 The optimal frame combining (OFC) scheme, in which the multipath components in each frame are added according to the MRC criterion, and the combined components in the frames are combined according to the MMSE criterion. In the gure, two of the multipath components are assumed to be employed by the rake receiver, and three frames are transmitted per symbol. That is, M 2, L {1, 2} and Nf 3.
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be associated with inef cient cardiac function. Biventricular pacing pacing simultaneously from the right ventricle and the left ventricle can help resynchronize ventricular contraction (Fig. 15.6). Biventricular pacing is performed by placing a lead in a branch of the coronary sinus (Fig. 15.7). Usually placement of the left ventricular lead is performed by injecting contrast into the coronary sinus and identifying target veins on the lateral wall. Pacing leads are placed in the desired branch using a series of sheaths, catheters, and guidewires (and sometimes good luck). The effects of biventricular pacing on the surface ECG are illustrated in Fig. 15.8, showing a patient who has a very wide QRS complex (215 ms) with a left bundle branch block morphology at baseline. In a patient with heart failure and reduced left ventricular function, the wide QRS suggests that depolarization of the left ventricle takes a signi cant amount of time and that
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Line 6: Initialize and load the JDBC-ODBC driver. Line 8: To get the database connection. The JDBC url should contain a data source name (DSN), UserID, and the password for the ODBC data source. Line 10: To create statement object to execute the SQL Statement. Line 11: Declaring variable for storing the resultset of the statement. Line 13: Writing an SQL String, passing it to the DBMS and executing the statement. The SQL statement selects the item code, Quantity and unit price from the stock_mast table for displaying it. Line 14: While loop for checking the next record in the recordset. Line 15: Inserting the value of "item code" from the recordset rs in String variable name. Line 16: Inserting the value of "quantity" from the recordset rs in integer variable aId. Line 17: Inserting the value of "unit_price" from the recordset rs in integer variable uPrice. Line 19: Displaying the item code, quantity, unit price in the item code, quantity, unit price tags. Line 21: Closing the while loop Line 23: Closing the recordset rs.
8.2.2 Interferometrically Filtered Feedback
Privacy Statements
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necessarily mean that the accessory pathway is involved in the tachycardia. For example, the patient may have an atrial tachycardia due to a focus within the left atrium, with the accessory pathway a bystander. A comprehensive discussion of techniques for determining whether an accessory pathway is essential to the tachycardia circuit is beyond the scope of this introductory book, but the response of a tachycardia to bundle branch block can help provide some insight into thinking about tachycardias associated with accessory pathways. Figure 9.21 shows the electrograms from a patient in tachycardia. Earliest atrial activation can be observed in the distal coronary sinus (A) at electrodes 3,4. Notice that with resolution of left bundle branch block the tachycardia cycle length decreases from 375 ms to 315 ms. The presence of this decrease in the tachycardia cycle length with resolution of left bundle branch block proves that the left bundle is a component of the tachycardia circuit and con rms the presence of a macroreentrant circuit that involves sequential activation of the accessory pathway, the left atrium, the AV node, and the left ventricle. A schematic of this phenomenon is shown in Fig. 9.22. The reader
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