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interested in investor relations information and can be drawn to that section from the home page Then there's the context of the audience that is specifically relevant to IR, like analysts and investors and institutional investors. Companies like Microsoft are really moving toward a more retail investor. We are more interested in institutional investors than retail. "We want to measure the value of those visits. We don't want to just say the overall popularity of your section is 50 or 10 in the overall context of That's great, but it doesn't tell me about why my people, the ones I am really interested in, go there. "Everyone wants to know the overall thing, the big traffic. And it would be really weird to show some reports if they don't show this overall thing. How many people come to your site, that's fine. Now, from this perspective we go down to the detail, the next step. We see what works and what doesn't work in investor relations. What are the top sections that people use What are the top downloads This is especially relevant here because a lot of the information that we provide is information services. So we give access to the annual report and things like that. We want to be able to measure the amount of downloads that we get there. "Ideally, we would like to match that with the specific, targeted audiences. We'd like very much to know that the two top ten institutional investors came to our site and what they downloaded. Once that match is made, that will generate actions-perhaps follow-up phone calls or outbound direct mail, even reorganizing the site. "I have a few other things that I've been looking at recently. One we call a degree of compliance with disclosure requirements. As you know, with investors there are new disclosure regulations and we want to know to what degree DuPont is complying with that regulation. The only way of knowing that right now is whether we are getting more and more people attending the Web conferences and Webcasts and things like that. Of course, ideally we would like to get as many people as we can, but once again we would like to match that with our target audience." But I wondered about measuring the bottom line on paying for that much content. "If your sole goal is to get more investors to come to listen to the presentation of the annual report online," I asked Kiko, "and you spend millions of dollars to promote it and you get hundreds of thousands of people to show up, wonderful, but what was the value " He replied: One of the investor relations strategies in this company is to get more retail investors. Then it will be a whole different world, because the Internet allows you to do that a lot easier than before. Companies like Microsoft or Volvo have that as one of their goals and if one of your goals is to get retail investors, then you can promote your Webcasts in places where you can get a guarantee that there are more investors coming and going. So right now we are more in the institutional investor area and that is kind of limited to institutional investors, maybe the top ten, and the analysts that follow you. The real interest would be to measure what those specific people are doing. And, unfortunately, the dilemma here is registration. You know, how many opportunities you have to register people so you know who they are. We've added email alerts, and that is a way for us to know who is really interested. And to make sure that we gradually promote and foster
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BlackBerry Security
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Admission control Metering
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The joint statements of the banking agencies on subprime loans and nontraditional mortgage practices, mentioned earlier, did not apply to nonbank lenders; these statements applied only to FDIC-insured banks, thrifts, and their af liates. The 2008 amendments to the Fed s mortgage rules nally applied to all nonbank lenders. Similarly, until 2008, nonbank lenders were not required to be registered or regulated by any federal agency. Instead, licensing of nonbank lenders was left to the states, which often engaged in little or no supervision of nonbank lenders.26 In other words, a majority of the mortgage lenders in the United States were essentially unregulated until quite recently.
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Hooking COM procedures to individual elements
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Introduction to Solaris Exploitation
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7. Does this position/employer seem right for me in general 8. What are my specific concerns, if any, about the suitability of this position/employer for me D. What Are My Chances of Getting an Offer 1. Did I get a straight answer about my candidacy 2. What were my strengths 3. What concerns did the interviewer express about me E. Questions for Follow-up 1. What did I learn about the interviewer s personal and professional interests 2. Over which work-related or non-work-related topics did we bond 3. To which communication/personal style did the interviewer seem most receptive 4. Is there some information or materials the interviewer expressed a need for or interest in that I can send 5. When do they expect to make a decision 6. How many more people are going to be interviewed 7. When do they need someone to start 8. How did the interviewer respond to my request to stay in touch after the interview 9. Did the interviewer offer any guidelines for when and how he or she prefers that I follow up (for example, How often Via phone or email )
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The blocking probability for class k new connections considering all classes is given by Bnk = bnk nk . (5.68)
SOAP is a simple and lightweight communication protocol for clients and servers to exchange messages in an XML format over a transport-level protocol, which is normally HTTP. From Figure 2.7 we can see that a SOAP message is encapsulated in an envelope that consists of the following four parts: Various namespaces are used by the SOAP message, typically these include xmlns:SOAP-ENV (SOAP Envelope), xmlns:xsi (XML Schema for Instance) and xmlns:xsd (XML Schema De nition). A set of encoding rules for expressing instances of applicationde ned data types. An optional header for carrying auxiliary information for authentication, transactions and payments. The Body is the main payload of the message. When an RPC call is used in the SOAP message, the Body has a single element that contains the method name, arguments and a Uniform Resource Identi er (URI) of the service target address. In addition, the fault entry can be used to explain a failure.
6-7.VBS set shell = CreateObject( Shell.Application ) set result = shell.BrowseForFolder(0, Select a folder! , 0, C:\ ) MsgBox TypeName(result) MsgBox You selected: & result.Title
The main underlying concept of phased development is that the system can be subdivided into subsystems or modules. Each subsystem represents the objective of a separate development phase. A phase is a series of SDLC stages that are completed for a subset of a system, a subsystem, or module. Once work on the individual phases is completed, the subsystems are integrated to form a whole solution.
fascinating theory. It s an ingenious theory. It has accomplished, in terms of explaining phenomena, absolutely nothing . . . the trouble is not one of these predicted particles has been found. 2 Briefly, supersymmetry is a gauge relationship between fermions and bosons, similar to the isotopic spin symmetry that groups protons and neutrons. It postulates that every fermion has a bosonic companion, and vice versa. Special rotations in superspace impart half-doses of spin to fermions, liberating them like a tonic from their staid obedience to the Pauli principle. Tossing aside their preference to keep strictly separate quantum levels, they acquire the yen for congregating in packs. The converse effect turns sociable bosons into solitary fermions. Every particle Jekyll, it would seem, has his own particle Hyde, only a transformation away from showing his other face. For instance, fermionic electrons, spun about in superspace, become bosonic selectrons, while bosonic photons become fermionic photinos. (Adding the preface s- or the suffix -ino are the ways scientists have named the supersymmetric companions.) Supersymmetry charged into the picture in the early 1970s to help rescue an imperiled model of the strong nuclear force, called hadronic string theory. Developed by the University of Chicago physicist Yoichiro Nambu and others, hadronic string theory attempted to describe the behavior of protons, neutrons, and other strongly interacting particles by use of massless, elastic connections. By replacing particles with one-dimensional bands, it offered a geometric means of understanding an even earlier approach, called dual resonance theory, put forth by the CERN physicist Gabriele Veneziano in the late 1960s. While Veneziano s model used a mathematical formula to make predictions about hadrons, string theory provided a more visual description based on the science of vibrations. It derived particle properties, such as mass and spin, from the various modes by which a string could oscillate. One shortcoming of Nambu s hypothesis was that it only represented bosons. Bosonic strings constituted the connections to which strongly interacting fermions (quarks and antiquarks) were attached. The fermions hung like dumbbells on the ends of each bosonic strand. Nothing, however, modeled the fermions themselves.
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Other Platforms Windows, Solaris, OS/X, and Cisco
lenvelope ~ Ei0 1 + 12 ~ Re Ei0 [1 + 12] Ei0 ~ Ei0 1 12 z l f z= 1 2 2b1 f f l z= z = 22 + 2b 2b1 2 Medium 1 Medium 2 (e1,m1,s1 = 0) (e2,m2,s2 0) Envelope within which cos(b2z w t) propagates
However, in order to substantiate these conclusions and to extend them further, numerous issues have to be addressed in more detail, for example:
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