Stack Data Protections
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Those using the Palm operating system (Palm OS), such as PalmPilots (shown in Figure 3.5) and the Handspring Visor. Windows OS handhelds, such as Compaq, HP Jornada, and Casio, which run Windows CE or Microsoft Pocket PC 2002.
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Figure 2.15 Light in water from a single point, incident upon the air water interface at several
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Part IV: The Grammar You Need to Know and How to Teach It
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Other Platforms Windows, Solaris, OS/X, and Cisco
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Inspection is a form of observation that usually includes some advance criteria that is expected. Often a checklist of expectations is reviewed and reconciled during an inspection so that a gap analysis between what was observed and what is expected can be formulated. Reviewing the configuration files of an operating system against a list of best practices is a form of inspection.
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Refreshing the desktop automatically 439 Finding and restoring system icons 440 Adding commands to system context menus Inserting icons into your Explorer 446 Controlling Windows Settings Through API 447 Retrieving Windows settings 448 Gaining full access to all Windows settings Changing Windows settings 452 Changing icon spacing 453 Managing Active Window Tracking 454 Changing window borders 456 Controlling the system beep 457 Using Icon Title Wrap 458 Controlling Screen Savers 458 Launching screen savers 458 Temporarily disabling screen savers 459 Setting screen saver timeout 460 Finding out if a screen saver runs 461 Changing screen saver settings461 Installing new screen savers 463 Controlling low-power screen saver features Animations and Visual Effects 465 Turning off visual effects altogether 465 Overview: Visual effects built into Windows Combo box animation 466 Cursor shadow 467 Gradient captions 467 List box animation 468 Menu animation 468 Menu underlines 469 Menu show delay 470 Selection fade 471 Tooltip animation 471 Full window drag 474 Font smoothing 474 Setting blinking text cursor width 475 Specifying a new desktop wallpaper 475 Enabling Snap-To-Button 478 More Undocumented Registry Tweaks 478 Getting rid of shortcut arrows 478 Changing the shortcut arrow 480 New icons for all system icons 481 Sizing the Cool Switch window 481
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COM development is the second step, not the first. Before you start developing your own COM objects, browse through Part II and get familiar with VBScript and the script examples. Once you feel comfortable with VBScript, it s only a small step to COM development. You don t need to buy Visual Basic in order to develop COM components. Microsoft has created a special version of Visual Basic called Visual Basic Control Creation Edition. It s a full Visual Basic development environment. Microsoft has just disabled some options so you can t create regular programs. You can, however, easily create COM objects, and that s all you need. The VB CCE is included on the companion CD. You just need to install it. Microsoft has released the VB CCE primarily to promote the use of ActiveX Internet controls. So, the primary target group is Web developers. However, ActiveX controls are not a good choice to spice up Web pages, primarily because of security concerns outlined in the Preface. Fortunately, ActiveX controls are not limited to Web pages. They can act as COM objects, too.
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Table 3.1 The Non-Common Attributes of the <img> Tag in XHTML ATTRIBUTE alt REQUIREMENTS Required DESCRIPTION Contains alternate text that should be used to describe the image. This is especially useful in non-image-supporting user agents. Provides the height, in pixels, of the image.
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