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The first section of this page, labeled Backup Time, allows you to set the backup schedule to match the needs of your home network. Use the controls in the Settings dialog box to change the hour and A.M. or P designation for the start and end times. Remember that the start and end times must be .M. whole-hour times. Also, if you have a relatively short backup window, it may be possible that a backup will continue to run past the end time. Once the end time comes, no new backup tasks will begin, but if a backup is already in progress, it will run until it completes or is manually canceled by a user. There are also some additional tasks that Windows Home Server performs during the backup window, such as the backup cleanup process that is run once a week. If this process consumes a very short backup window (for example, if it was set to 1 hour), then no computers would be backed up that night.
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Looking at types of adverbs
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// set fn_flags *((unsigned *)(psz)) = 0; psz += 4; psz += Marshall( IS_IN, sizeof( DWORD ), (unsigned char *)&show, psz, sizeof( buff ) ); psz += Marshall( IS_PTR | IS_IN, strlen( cmd ) + 1, (unsigned char *)cmd, psz, sizeof( buff ) ); hk32 = LoadLibrary( kernel32.dll ); loadlib = GetProcAddress( hk32, LoadLibraryA ); getproc = GetProcAddress( hk32, GetProcAddress ); AsmDemarshallAndCall( buff, loadlib, getproc ); return 0; }
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The extra costs arise from the need to generate and transfer the large intermediary text files, and through the repeated parsing of the same data. You would want to avoid those costs if you have exclusive use of the data; but if you are sharing data, the XML route is preferable. It is more flexible, and often more secure. The flexibility comes from the fact that you do not have to predefine the uses of the data and support these different uses at the data source. The source simply delivers a copy of the data; the client uses the copied data as desired. The security advantage comes from the narrowing of the interface that is presented by the data source. If you try to support multiple uses at the data source, you typically start by defining a Java remote interface or a CORBA IDL interface, or some remote interfaces for EJB objects. Specialized server programs implementing these interfaces have to be written for the different applications. Then you must deploy these servers with access control lists, roles etc. to try to limit who does what to your database. If data can be modified in the database, you must have security analyses of each of the data modification functions, and lots of code segments, in different programs, that check submitted data. If you follow the XML route, you have at most two functions to support download the XML data file and upload an XML update file . Uploaded data can be thoroughly checked before they ever get near the database.
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A couple of hours after the financial markets open in Tokyo, Hong Kong comes to life. The second Asian index that I check each day is the Hang Seng. The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index lists state-owned Chinese companies that are traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Trading begins in Hong Kong at 8:00 PM CST (9:00 PM DST). That means that before most folks in the United States hit the sheets, Asian traders are out in full force. Just like other markets throughout the world, these markets are operational for about eight hours. Shortly after Europe begins trading around 2:00 AM Central, Hong Kong winds down and the trading pits close. Similar to the Nikkei in Tokyo, the Hang Seng registers the sentiment of traders in that part of the world. Sometimes the Nikkei and the Hang Seng move in unison and other times they do not. I look for those times when they agree as to a direction, especially if a big move has taken place. That fact tells me that globally, some financial move may be afoot.
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Figure 3.3 Same patient as Fig. 3.2 but with more rapid atrial pacing at a cycle length of 450 ms. The relationship between atrial stimulation and ventricular response remains 1 : 1, but due to normal delay in the AV node the AH interval increases (arrows).
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To digress into the social issues around vulnerability research for a moment, the frightening thing about the SQL-UDP bug was the speed with which the stack overflow was found; literally five minutes of investigation was all it took. It was obvious to us that if we could find the bug this quickly, other, perhaps less responsible, people would also be very likely to find it and possibly use it to compromise systems. We reported the bug to Microsoft in the usual manner, and both we and Microsoft were extremely vocal about trying to get organizations to apply the patch and block UDP 1434 (it s only used if an SQL client is unsure of how to connect to an SQL Server instance). Unfortunately, a large number of organizations did nothing about the bug and then, exactly six months after the patch was released, some (as yet unknown) individual decided to write and release the Slammer worm, causing significant Internet congestion and imposing an administrative headache on thousands of organizations. While it s true that the Slammer worm could have been much worse, it was still depressing that people didn t protect themselves sufficiently to thwart it. It s difficult to see what security companies can do to prevent this kind of problem from occurring in the future. In all the most widely reported cases Slammer, Code Red (based on the IIS .ida bug found by another of this book s co-authors, Riley Hassel), Nimda (the same bug), and the Blaster worm (based on the RPC-DCOM bug that The Last Stage of Delirium group found) the companies involved worked responsibly with the vendors to ensure that a patch and good-quality workaround information was available before publishing information about the vulnerabilities. Yet, in each case someone built a worm that exploited the bug and released it, and caused massive damage. It s tempting to stop researching software flaws when this kind of thing happens, but the alternative is far worse. Researchers don t create the bugs, they find them. Microsoft released 72 distinct security patches in 2002, 51 in 2003, 45 in 2004, 55 in 2005, and 78 in 2006. Many of these patches fixed multiple security bugs. If you are a Linux user, don t be too dismissive of these problems. According to the US-CERT 2005 year-end survey, Linux had more vulnerabilities during that year than Windows although this figure is somewhat difficult to pin down, because it depends on how you categorize issues. The SSH and Apache SSL and chunked-encoding bugs are good examples of Linux problems.
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