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If problems occurred on either the input or output side during the batch runs, the end-user never knew it. This closed environment enabled programmers to correct a defect without the end-user s knowledge of the nature of the defect, the nature of the correction, or the amount of time necessary to perform the correction. Therefore, the end-user perceived the system to be perfect. Continued system maintenance over a number of years did, in fact, yield software that was incredibly stable and defect-free. As the closed system was opened to the end-user via dumb terminals (data display only, no process intelligence like personal computers), the end-user saw how awlessly this mature software worked. When newer software systems were developed, the systems immaturity was immediately evident by comparison with the tried and true older systems. Initially, some developers lost their jobs over the poor quality of the new software. End-user pressure to return to the quality of the older systems prompted software development groups to seek and employ development processes for delivering the same software quality. This software was not necessarily better, just consistent in quality. Testing was considered monkeywork. The authors of this textbook contend that, because testing was held in such low esteem, developers with the best processes soon hit a quality brick wall. The developers response to end-user complaints of software defects, instability, and unreliability became, We are using the best development processes in the industry. This is the best we can do. After a couple of decades of hearing This is the best we can do, end-users and software customers apparently began to believe it. Still, no professional testing was done. Several books were published about the phenomenon of end-user quality expectations converging downward to meet the software developers assurance of best effort. Mark Minasi s book, The Software Conspiracy, notes the resurging consumer awareness of the relatively poor quality of the new century software. Mark documented a growing consumer constituency that started sending the message, You can do much better to the software industry through selective product boycotts. [11] Smart software developers began to realize that if they were going to survive in the marketplace, they must team with professional testers to get over the quality brick wall. To illustrate the point, ask yourself how many times you must reboot your business computer each year. If you reboot more than once or twice a year and have not complained bitterly to your business software retailer, welcome to the world of lower software expectations.
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Hyperspace Packages Tied Up in Strings
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The VW nodes and links may not only be the property of the WAVE-WP system itself but can also belong to other, alien systems existing independently, which
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agreed, I will. . . The letter should be businesslike and to the point, but you can convey your enthusiasm for the position and express your appreciation for the offer. If multiple people were involved in the hiring decision, you should send copies of the letter to each person. The letter is typically addressed to the human resources representative who extended the formal offer and who handles the administrative aspects of your hiring and orientation. Copy the hiring manager of the department in which you will work. (This is often your new boss.) Note that for senior-level positions you might be asked to sign a more formal employment agreement. Treat this as you would any legal document: read it carefully and consult with an attorney for assistance.
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Listing 2.2 DTD description of <first>, <middle>, and <last> elements (allenwyke.xml).
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Throughout this chapter you ve seen how the different protection mechanisms make the life of the exploit writer more interesting and complicated at the same time. All the protections presented, by themselves, contain weaknesses, which have been shown here to be weakness enough to re-gain code execution on a protected system. However, when used together, these mechanisms can combine to offer much more protection than their mere sum. As long as the protections continue to bloom nurtured on specific exploitation techniques, they will always lag behind the state of the art, and the attacker will have very good chances of finding ways around them. The time line of Microsoft s SEH protections is a good demonstration: exploits used to abuse registers to trampoline into code, Microsoft zeroed all registers, then exploits started jumping directly to the stack, they forbid it, so exploits began using pop-pop-ret as trampoline, Microsoft implemented /SafeSEH and exploits are still feasible, but need new techniques. With the introduction of Windows Vista, Microsoft changed how /SafeSEH is implemented, and exploits still survived (and sometimes they are even easier to do than before). On the other hand, well thought-out protections, like W^X and ASLR, which could theoretically stop any foreign code injection and code reuse, have to deal with the competing priorities of implementation details, backward compatibility, standards, and performance degradation, and so far, it s not clear who ll win the game. There are also economic factors in this race there are currently growing white, black, and gray markets for exploitable bugs and their corresponding exploits. Governments, criminals, and big companies are raising the price for exploits and exploitable vulnerabilities, injecting money into the market, which is becoming more demanding and political. In this context, exploit writers, challenged by the protection mechanisms, user s expectations, and power politics, are forced to study and research new exploitation techniques, becoming more specialized and serious, creating a huge amount of literature, but also saving the more advanced tricks to profit themselves and stifling public discussion. The learning curve is becoming steeper and starting higher, while the unpublished knowledge on the field is becoming more robust. Staying with binary applications, you ll continue to see for a few years exploitable vulnerabilities and exploits (the former can t exist without the latter), and their prices will continue to increase as they become rare and fewer exploit writers manage to survive the challenges. Simultaneously, you ll start seeing more and more attacks moving to less protected areas like other operating systems, kernel vulnerabilities, embedded devices, appliances, hardware, and Web applications. Where these trends will end is debatable though the
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In a centralized scheduling environment, a central machine (node) acts as a resource manager to schedule jobs to all the surrounding nodes that are part of the environment. This scheduling paradigm is often used in situations like a computing centre where resources have similar characteristics and usage policies. Figure 6.2 shows the architecture of centralized scheduling. In this scenario, jobs are rst submitted to the central scheduler, which then dispatches the jobs to the appropriate nodes. Those jobs that cannot be started on a node are normally stored in a central job queue for a later start. One advantage of a centralized scheduling system is that the scheduler may produce better scheduling decisions because it has all necessary, and up-to-date, information about the available resources. However, centralized scheduling obviously does not scale well with the increasing size of the environment that it manages. The scheduler itself may well become a bottleneck, and if
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Man-in-the-middle attack (active attack) 9 Identity spoo ng = Session hijacking ; Repudiation Repley
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This chapter describes the fourth full-blown application we have developed using J2ME in this book. This application is developed for Palm devices. The application is Peer search and is a Peer-to-Peer based application. Although a brief summary of the Peer-to-Peer application is given in this chapter, we recommend you go through the book Peer-to-Peer Application Development for better understanding of the concept. 10 is on developing a small portal for mobile phones using MIDP.
bought the set from told me that they were Fabrik, made by a Seattle company. I got on the Replacements Web site and identified the pattern as Ptarmigan (a type of bird). I had paid $20 for the box and broke the auctions out into two dinner plates, two mugs, two salad bowls, and so on. (I never sell my dinnerware or flatware as a set, but instead break it out into pieces). All told, that box sold for over $1,000 on eBay! Also in pottery, think California pottery, Rookwood, Weller, and Roseville. In glass, consider art glass, carnival, Depression, and EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass). You can even sell glass insulators, used in power lines to prevent the flow of electricity. I sold a Westinghouse insulator on eBay for $72.99! It sat in our antiques store for 20 years, with no takers at $8.50.
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