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The Game of Gossip
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2-14.VBS define an array dynamically: redim myarray(100) only use part of the space: myarray(1) = Hello! myarray(3) = 3.1415926 myarray(18) = 2000 a lot of space is wasted. Compress array by eliminating all empty fields: MsgBox Before compression: array contains & UBound(myarray)+1 & fields. CompressIt myarray MsgBox After compression: array contains & UBound(myarray)+1 & fields. for each entry in myarray list = list & TypeName(entry) & : & vbTab & entry & vbCr next MsgBox list
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If you need to, your script can change the resolution and control all display settings. Use ChangeDisplay and supply the new x- and y-resolution. Optionally, you can specify the color depth, and if you specify 0 as fourth
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This is a string with the fully qualified name (packages etc.) for the bean class.
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