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from each coil increases. A sensor embedded in the catheter tip measures the strength of each magnetic eld, and the point where these three magnetic elds intersect de nes the position of the catheter. The system has been validated to approximately 1 cm by clinical studies. Combining known positioning information with electrogram timing to a duciary point allows an activation map to be produced of the chamber of interest. Similarly, the course of a reentrant circuit can be easily identi ed. Although it can be dif cult to appreciate with black and white images, Fig. 7.3 shows an endocardial activation map of reentrant atrial utter circling around the tricuspid valve. In the newest iterations of these systems, electrophysiologic information can be combined with images obtained from cardiac CT or intracardiac echocardiography (Fig. 7.4). Integration of information from different sources holds promise for revolutionizing the eld of electrophysiology.
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Most distance certificate courses run along the same lines as taught courses (see information in the preceding Signing up for a certificate course ). You usually have assignments or work books to complete and get feedback from a designated tutor. Some course providers work in collaboration with a school so that trainees can get practical experience in the classroom, at least through observing others if not through teaching lessons themselves.
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Introduction to Exploitation: Linux on x86
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UTRAN Transmission Infrastructure Planning and Optimisation
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Format Strings
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complete the purchase. The web page that asked for his delivery address continually responded with the nastygram, City required, please provide your city name, even though he entered his city name in the appropriate eld several different ways, including lowercase, uppercase, and abbreviated formats. In frustration, he abandoned the incomplete purchase. Thinking that he would at least alert the toy store to their Internet problem, Dr. Everett clicked the Help button. In the eld entitled, Give us your comments, he described his roadblock to completing the purchase. When he clicked the Submit button, a name and address page appeared. Upon completion of the name and address page, he clicked the next Submit button, only to receive the City required, please provide your city name nastygram again. The application programmers earned an A for city eld code reuse and an F for not testing the city eld code in the rst place. An address is a pretty basic piece of customer-supplied business information. The company had a software defect in the customer address code that resulted in the direct loss of business. The defect was such that the company also could not easily learn why they were losing business from their customers. It took this company less than a year to close their Web site because it was unpro table perhaps all because nobody tested a city eld code routine. Testing principle 9: Assume the defects are the result of process and not personality. This principle presents an organizational behavior challenge for the tester. Good software developers naturally feel a sense of ownership regarding the programming they produce. Many aspects of the ownership can be positive and can motivate developers to do their best possible work. At least one aspect of the ownership can be negative, causing the developer to deny less-than-perfect results. The tester must nd a way to focus on the software defect without seeking to place blame. Many organizations have started tracking the source of software defects to verify proper matching of programming task with programmer skills. If a mismatch exists, the management process responsible for assigning development teams is truly at fault, not the programmer who is working beyond his or her skill level. If the skills are well matched to the tasks, the question becomes one of providing processes that assist the developer in writing error-free code, that is, programming standards, design walkthroughs, code walkthroughs, and logic-checking software tools. If the execution phase is the rst time anyone else on the development team sees the code, the development process provided no safety net for the developer before the code has been executed. In this case, the tester can wear the white hat and, by identifying defects, ultimately assist the improvement of the development process that helps the developers write better code. Testing principle 10: Testing for defects is an investment as well as a cost. Most executives, directors, and managers tend to view testing only as an expense, and to ask questions such as How many people How many weeks delay How much equipment and How many tools Although these cost factors represent a legitimate part of the overall business picture, so do the tangible bene ts that can offset the testing costs, business risk reduction notwithstanding. Some of the bene ts can be draw barcode 39 crystal reports
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3.2.4 A summary of Web ontology languages
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