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The assumption of constant activities of CCCHs holds only when the traffic in a cell is constant. It does not hold, for instance, if more call attempts occur, because more signalling will be used for call establishment, or if less call attempts occur, because less signalling between mobiles and the base site will be exchanged.
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This chapter describes some of the optimisation challenges that result from the unique deployment of UMTS either on-top an existing GSM network, or competing with GSM networks. We will proceed by detailing some challenges related to the optimisation process, and will then deal with a few case studies which, albeit examples, serve to demonstrate tendencies in the automatic network design.
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On a personal level, TEFL can take you around the world, which is a goal in itself for many people. But even if you don t cover the whole globe, it s fascinating finding out new things about yourself or rediscovering them. Being in a new environment helps you to sort out the things you want to do from the things you previously just went along with and being exposed to other cultures truly inspires the imagination. If you do happen to take to the job like a duck to water, you can work up the career ladder too. Once you ve been teaching for a couple of years and you have a TEFL certificate (representing at least 100 hours of tuition) you can then become a senior teacher, which introduces you to teacher training roles and added responsibilities such as controlling learning resources. There may be extra money in that but by this time you ll be ready to take your skills outside the classroom sometimes anyway. The next steps are ADoS (assistant director of studies) and DoS (director of studies), which are positions offering a higher salary but which generally require additional qualifications namely a diploma or master s degree. The problem with managerial roles though, is that they tend to take you away from teaching and into the office. So you may want to embark on more of a sideways move: As an official examiner for the exams students of English as a Foreign Language sit. As a teacher trainer. As a materials writer. As a home-stay course provider, who accommodates and teaches students in their own home. As a marker for distance learning courses. As an agent connecting students with schools and colleges in different countries.
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independent radio interfaces, e.g. two WLAN cards, each with its own IP address. Such a MS is called multi-homed. Make-before-break, however, not only refers to the ability to maintain IP connectivity via two Access Points. It also refers to the ability to move a QoS reservation from the old path to the new path. We will cover this aspect in 14 on QoS. Power-Saving Mode and Paging Whether or not the power-saving mode is supported is rst of all a matter for the radio technology. From an IP perspective, a MS is reachable under its Care-of-Address. It is invisible to the IP layer as to whether a MS is currently associated with an Access Point, unless a change of Access Point entails a change of Care-of-Address. One might now think of scenarios where the Care-of-Address changes frequently, e.g. because the MS moves at high speed or because it moves between subnets (e.g. WLAN ESSs). In this case it may be advantageous to update the Care-of-Address and/or routes in the network only when the MS is indeed sending or receiving packets. In particular, the IETF investigated whether a technology-independent paging protocol over IP should be standardized [RFC 3132]. It is, however, unclear whether such a mechanism, which would be employed in addition to a link-layer power-saving mode, would offer considerable bene ts [Kempf 2003]. In any event, the IETF has so far not pursued the issue further.
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Interconnection of digital radio-relay systems
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Many compilers will optimize the memcpy library function into some simple assembly instructions that are much more efficient than a function call. This type of memory copy operation can potentially be the source of buffer overflow vulnerabilities and can easily be recognized within a disassembly. The set of instructions used is the following:
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