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Figure 3.6 Hiptop Wireless Device.
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MITNICK MESSAGE Computer users are sometimes clueless about the threats and vulnerabilities associated with social engineering that exist in our world of technology. They have access to information, yet lack the detailed knowledge of what might prove to be a security threat. A social engineer will target an employee who has little understanding of how valuable the information being sought is, so the target is more likely to grant the stranger's request. PREVENTING THE CON Sympathy, guilt, and intimidation are three very popular psychological triggers used by the social engineer, and these stories have demonstrated the tactics in action. But what can you and your company do to avoid these types of attacks Protecting Data Some stories in this chapter emphasize the danger of sending a file to someone you don't know, even when that person is (or appears to be) an employee, and the file is being sent internally, to an email address or tax machine within the company. Company security policy needs to be very specific about the safeguards for surrendering valued data to anyone not personally known to the sender. Exacting procedures need to be established for transferring files with sensitive information. When the request is from someone not personally known, there must be clear steps to take for verification, with different levels of authentication depending on the sensitivity of the information. Here are some techniques to consider: Establish the need to know (which may require obtaining authorization from the designated information owner). Keep a personal or departmental log of these transactions. Maintain a list of people who have been specially trained in the procedures and who are trusted to authorize sending out sensitive information. Require that only these people be allowed to send information to anyone outside the workgroup.
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Packages used by the XML parser...
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Listing 2.7 Declaring elements globally and referencing them locally (name-ref.xsd).
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The students in this class are all Italian and vary in age from late teens to mid- twenties. They are generally quite communicative and tend to focus more on getting their message across than accuracy. As I speak their language to upper-intermediate level, I can anticipate some particular difficulties.
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AAA Server PS Domain
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a concentration of services that enable the back-end processing to focus on other needs. A mid-tier server also can house business logic and rules that are executed and maintained separately from the database server. Quite often, a set of frequently applied processes or computationally intense processes of an unpredictable nature, due to the process being driven by ad hoc user requests, makes mid-tier processing more expedient to use and less taxing on the back-end servers. The placement of business logic in the middle tier also can simplify change control of these business rules and help to ensure that everyone is using the same processing logic as well as to provide for the asynchronous queuing of requests to the database level of the process. It also enables different tiers to be developed in different programming languages. When multi-tiered systems are employed to perform a business transaction, additional audit review steps will be needed to ensure that the transactions occur as expected. Isolation of the processes will be an issue that needs to be examined carefully. How does the middle tier processor maintain the ownership of transactions it is handing off and keep track of who asked for what How does it maintain the state so that a process, which is being handed off, does not think it has been abandoned or dropped What happens to a transaction if the connection does in fact get dropped For database transactions using a middle tier server, there is a process known as a commit that locks the fields and commits to the change, keeping every related field suspended during the cycles where the change is actually occurring. Complex checks and balances ensure that all of this happened correctly. If the transaction set cannot be completed successfully, because of a dropped session, for example, a roll back process puts everything back to where it was. These processes are required because many things are changing at once and the whole set of changes must all conclude successfully for the transaction to be successful. For multiple databases, a process known as a two phase commit, where a prepare phase initiates the locking process requesting that all involved processes agree to commit or roll back operations for a given transaction. Subsequently, the commit phase actually performs the distributed change, checking all participants for notification of a successful commit before concluding or requesting a roll back from all participants. Other issues to be concerned with, when reviewing tiered client/server systems, are the ways that compatibility is maintained between the various components as maintenance is applied and system upgrades change one system that impacts another. Many times, these complex environments are difficult to simulate in a test environment, especially to the volume levels of actual usage and with simulation databases being the size of the actual
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public void doPost (HttpServletRequest request,
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