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Connecting via Remote Desktop to one of your home computers starts from you home server s website. Connect and log in, just as in the previous section, but instead of selecting the Shared Folders tab, select the Computers tab. The resulting screen lists all of the computers that are currently managed by your home server, similar to Figure 11-30.
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Quickies: Typically short (1-minute) sessions that center around visits to two or fewer familiar sites. Users spend about 15 seconds per page extracting specific bits of information or sending email. Users in Quickie sessions may not notice any type of message as they scoop up the needed information and log off. Just the Facts: Users seeking specific pieces of information from known sites. At 9 minutes, these sessions are longer than Quickies but share the aspect of rapid page views. These occasions are less likely to involve sites best enjoyed at leisure, such as entertainment. Users in Just the Facts sessions have a low propensity to buy. Single Mission: Users want to complete a certain task or gather specific information, then leave the Internet. During these visits, generally lasting 10 minutes, users venture into unfamiliar sites to find what they need, while
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Business Application Systems
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with cookies. Now, let s say one of these the GetSystemDirectoryW function will do is vulnerable to a buffer overrun vulnerability: The system directory is never more than 260 bytes, and it s coming from a trusted source, so we don t need to worry about overruns in here. Let s use a fixed-sized buffer and copy data to it until we come across the null terminator. You get my drift. Now, under normal circumstances, this overflow could not be triggered, but if we overwrite the pointer to the system directory with a pointer to our buffer, then we could cause a secondary overflow in code that s not protected with a cookie. When we return, we do so to an address of our choosing, and we gain control. As it happens, GetSystemDirectory is not vulnerable in this way. However, there could be such a hidden vulnerability lurking within the code behind UnhandledExceptionFilter somewhere we just haven t found it yet. Feel free to look yourself. You could ask if this kind of scenario (that is, the situation in which we have an arbitrary memory overwrite before the cookie checking code is called) is likely. The answer is yes; it will happen quite often. Indeed the DCOM vulnerability discovered by The Last Stage of Delirium suffered from this kind of problem. The vulnerable function took a type of wchar ** as one of its parameters. This happened just before the function returned the pointers that were set, allowing arbitrary memory to be overwritten. The only difficulty with using some of these techniques with this vulnerability is that to trigger the overflow, the input has to be a Unicode UNC path that starts with two backslashes. Assuming we overwrite the pointer to the security handler with a pointer to our buffer, the first thing that would execute when it is called would be:
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5: Using Internet Explorer as the Output Window
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5.15.1 Basics
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UMTS Networks and Beyond Cornelia Kappler 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-470-03190-2
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& I ll place it into the Startup group! WScript.Quit end if set fs = CreateObject( Scripting.FileSystemObject ) set wshshell = CreateObject( WScript.Shell ) scriptfile = args(0) if not lcase(fs.GetExtensionName(scriptfile))= vbs then MsgBox I only accept vbs script files! WScript.Quit end if startup = wshshell.SpecialFolders( Startup ) name = InputBox( Under which name should I place the script _ & & fs.GetBaseName(scriptfile) & into the StartUp- _ & Group , autostart script ) set scut = wshshell.CreateShortcut(startup & \ & name & .lnk ) scut.TargetPath = scriptfile scut.Save MsgBox Script has been successfully linked to your StartUp group!
Figure 16-2: Find out your current Windows folder.
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A new class k call is blocked from entering the system (and is assumed lost) if upon arrival it nds that it cannot be accommodated because the number of available
Protection Mechanisms
PositionAgent ( is a free service that allows you to enter a URL and a keyword phrase. It then submits the keyword to several major search engines and directories and searches the first five pages of results for your URL. A paid version of the service allows you to regularly monitor five similar keyword-URL combinations. Extensive, detailed reports can be viewed online or delivered via email.
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