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15-20.VBS set tool = CreateObject( registry.update ) current state state = tool.GetASetting(&H1000, boolean ) if state then msg = Active Window Tracking is currently enabled. Do you _ & want to disable it response = MsgBox(msg, vbYesNo + vbQuestion) if response = vbYes then tool.ChangeSetting &H1001, 0, false, 1 else AskDetails end if else msg = Active Window Tracking is currently disabled. _ & Do you want to enable it response = MsgBox(msg, vbYesNo + vbQuestion) if response = vbYes then tool.ChangeSetting &H1001, 0, true, 1 AskDetails end if end if sub AskDetails msg = Should the active window jump to the foreground response = MsgBox(msg, vbYesNo + vbQuestion) if response = vbYes then tool.ChangeSetting &H100D, 0, true, 1 else tool.ChangeSetting &H100D, 0, false, 1 end if oldtimeout = tool.GetASetting(&H2002, long ) msg = Specify time (in milliseconds) for activation timeout! timeout = Ask(msg, oldtimeout) tool.ChangeSetting &H2003, 0, timeout, 1 end sub bar code image reader
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The original access via I-WLAN in Rel-6 is without QoS support. However, for Rel-7, 3GPP gave some thought to how to guarantee QoS in the 3rd Scenario; by contrast, the 2nd Scenario only provides Internet access, in which case QoS support is not considered important. The proposal is to signal QoS between PDG and UE using DiffServ Code Points (DSCPs) in the tunnel s external IP header (cf. 14, Sections and 14.2.2). Presumably, the routers along the path are DiffServ-enabled. The DSCP information can also be used to provide link-layer QoS on the WLAN air interface (cf. 14, Section 14.4).
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Objective Inspection
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where DTiold is the current value of DTi before the update, and L j is the size of the packet transmitted from user j. Note that in Figure 7.10, after the scheduled transmission, user 2 has its debt counter reset to zero because its queue is no longer backlogged. With a time-varying channel quality, a transmission from the user scheduled by the debt-based algorithm may not succeed. Ideally, only if the transmission is successful, is the debt counter increased by the transmission size. On the other hand, if the transmission fails and a retransmission is required, the debt counter is increased by 1 of the transmission size as follows: if i = j DTiold Ri L j if i = j and transmission succeeds DTi = DTiold Ri L j + L j DTiold Ri L j + (1 )L j if i = j and transmission fails
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Even with hardware getting cheaper and analytic software becoming more prevalent, there comes a point of diminishing returns when your returns are being measured. If your Web site is generating 2 gigabytes of server and transaction logs every day and you need machines twice the size of the servers to keep up with the analysis of that data, at some point you have to throw up your hands and say, "Either give me another number cruncher or stop asking for new reports!" Motorola ran a spreadsheet last year that resulted in a cost of $120 per person to analyze sufficient detail to satisfy upper management. That might have been fine if they were looking at prospects considering the purchase of satellite and broadcast network systems. Unfortunately, this was the mobile phone division. "It was obvious that the economics were not aligned with our business," one spokesperson told me. The problem is one of desire versus ability. If I promised to tell you what percentage of products get put in the shopping cart but never purchased and which ones they are, you'd be thrilled-until I told you it was going to cost a quarter of a million dollars. Each month. Sampling is the solution of choice for a great many large Web sites. Take a picture every now and then rather than making a movie all day long. Track a handful of people as they wander through the site, rather than track each and every individual. This is an area of keen frustration for marketers and analysts alike. The promise of the Web was to get to that one-to-one relationship-to be able to keep tabs on people on an individual basis. So how do you make the determination of which data is worth saving and which calculations are worth running Kris Carpenter, vice president of Excite Products and Services at Excite, got creative. When dealing with a Web site that attracts so many people every day (15 million per month, according to Nielsen//NetRatings), creativity is a must. "Well, what we've actually done," Kris explained, "is sort of twofold. We have the core data that gets archived and then often stored, not necessarily in a live database but in various archived formats that we can go back in and do time-based analysis against, if it makes sense.
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Your scripts can also change Windows settings. Setting new values doesn t necessarily mean you see the results immediately. Whether you set values manually using the Registry Editor or through the use of SystemParametersInfo, in either case the changes will only be reflected once you force Windows to reread the Registry settings. I have provided the necessary methods to make the changes happen, and they are documented where appropriate.
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Job titles
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Figure 14.4 The Aberhalden drying pistol. A solvent with a bp below the mp of the solid to be dried is chosen. Its re uxing around the barrel of the vacuum chamber warms the solid to drive off any traces of solvent. If water is to be removed, a desiccant can be placed in the reservoir to the left (in the handle ).
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Wherever terms have a shifting meaning, independent sets of considerations are liable to become complicated together, and reasonings and results are frequently falsified. Ada Augusta, Countess of Lovelace, from her notes on Sketch of The Analytical Engine, 1842 You have in your hands The Shellcoder s Handbook Second Edition: Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes. The first edition of this volume attempted to show the reader how security vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited, and this edition holds fast to that same objective. If you re a skilled network auditor, software developer, or sysadmin and you want to understand how bugs are found and how exploits work at the lowest level, you ve come to the right place. So what s this book about Well, the preceding quotation more or less sums it up. This book is mostly concerned with arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities, by which we mean bugs, that allow attackers to run code of their choice on the target machine. This generally happens when a program interprets a piece of data as a part of the program part of an http Host header becomes a return address, part of an email address becomes a function pointer, and so on. The program ends up executing the data the attacker supplied with disastrous effects. The architecture of modern processors, operating systems, and compilers lends itself toward this kind of problem as the good Countess wrote, the symbols of operation are frequently also the symbols of the results of operations. Of course, she was writing about the difficulty of discussing mathematics when the number 5 might also mean raised to the power of 5 or the fifth element of a series, but the basic idea is the same. If you confuse code and data, you re in a world of trouble. So, this book is about code and data, and what happens when the two become confused.
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After your letter is on its way, you need to plan the next steps in your follow-up. A typical scenario in a job search is that you have a first interview, send a follow-up letter or email within a day or so, and then stay in touch with the employer (usually by phone or email) until you are invited to return for a follow-up interview or are told that you are not in the running for a position.
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3 (1 + i ) 2 H 0 a y aM (1) 3 2 ZS 2 a [ u ( cos u cosh u sin u sinh u ) u cos u sinh u ] i 0 i [u2 (cos u cosh u + sin u sinh u) u sin u cosh u] du
5.0 7.5 Time (ns)
Figure 3.12 CCDF of amplifier of Figure 3.11 under lightly compressed and heavily compressed conditions.
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