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Using the Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir Attack to Break WEP
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11.3.2 Searching for a Suitable Network
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And that wasn't all. He could go back at any time to search through the email messages and private memos of the company's executives, running a text search for words that might reveal any interesting tidbits of information. Late on the night that he conned his target into installing the Trojan Horse software, Bobby threw the cell phone into a Dumpster. Of course he was careful to clear the memory first and pull the battery out before he tossed it - the last thing he wanted was for somebody to call the cell phone's number by mistake and have the phone start ringing! Analyzing the Con The attacker spins a web to convince the target he has a problem that, in fact, doesn't really exist - or, as in this case, a problem that hasn't happened yet, but that the attacker knows will happen because he's going to cause it. He then presents himself as the person who can provide the solution. The setup in this kind of attack is particularly juicy for the attacker: Because of the seed planted in advance, when the target discovers he has a problem, he himself makes the phone call to plead for help. The attacker just sits and waits for the phone to ring, a tactic fondly known in the trade as reverse social engineering. An attacker who can make the target call him gains instant credibility: If I place a call to someone I think is on the help desk, I'm not going to start asking him to prove his identity. That's when the attacker has it made. LINGO REMOTE COMMAND SHELL: A non graphical interface that accepts text based commands to perform certain functions or run programs. An attacker who exploits technical vulnerabilities or is able to install a Trojan Horse program on the victims computer may be able to obtain remote access to a command shell REVERSE SOCIAL ENGINEERING: A social engineering attack in which the attacker sets up a situation where the victim encounters a problem and
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N OT E Regular expressions can be very powerful, but they are beyond the
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PDP Context signalling
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Ring. An oriented ring infrastructure can be used for different service purposes, also as a supplement to the traditional hierarchical infrastructures. The ring infrastructure differs from the chain in that there should be a link from the last node in the chain to the rst one, and the chain-building programs above can be easily extended to add such a link. For example, the latest program forming an arbitrary chain can be modi ed for the oriented ring as follows:
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Setting the default access to everything that is not explicitly necessary to a deny status Implementing settings and configuration parameters to meet best practice security recommendations from vendors and security organizations wherever possible, with justification and explanation for situations where they cannot be accommodated Establishing sufficient back up and recover procedures and processes to appropriately mitigate the risks, including the creation and maintenance of restore disks to reestablish the hardened operating system instances in a timely manner Limiting access to utility functions and operating system services to the minimum administrative and necessary support staff Providing for the appropriate physical security control to servers and command consoles access as applicable Limiting the ability to boot servers remotely or from a local floppy drive in order to prevent gaining unauthorized control over systems
Here are the answers to the questions in 5: 1. An IS auditor is reviewing an organization s contingency planning and recoverability. What is the most important factor to consider for the success of the recovery plan A. The plan has identified all of the critical applications required to be covered for the business to survive. B. The plan is stored off-site. C. The process is supported by senior management and funded adequately. D. Back ups are made and moved off-site regularly. Answer: C The correct answer is C. The most important factor to consider for the success of a recovery process is the commitment and funding of the solution by management. Without proper support, successful recovery will not be a priority of the organization and funding and resource commitment will not be sufficient to achieve the goals. The other items listed here are necessary attributes of a recovery process, but the support of the leadership is paramount to all other factors. 2. When reviewing business impacts of possible disruption scenarios, which of the following criteria should be considered I. The likelihood customers will take their business somewhere else and not return II. The potential losses in terms of buildings and equipment III. The costs associated with redeploying a process to replace the one that is lost IV. The time it would take to fully recover and return to processing V. The losses of current business from not meeting existing commitments A. I, II, and III only B. I, II, III, IV, and V C. I, II, III, and V only D. II, III, IV, and V only
process of taking the order and shipping it, your XML-based shipping document might or might not be able to include certain items. For instance, you might be able to include the customer s name, address, and item selected but not have the date that the item ships. The document in Listing 2.15 is intended to serve as a snapshot of the order at a certain point in the process. But at that point in time, there might not be a ship date available. So, how do we define a schema that states that there needs to be a ship date and no data is available for that date yet This need is fulfilled by specifying an element as nillable. This concept is like that of NULL values in a database. The column/placeholder is there for data, but the value is zero or blank it is null. If we apply this concept to our example, it implies that if we have an item, say <shipdate>, that is not present in an instance document, it doesn t mean that it doesn t exist only that there is no data for it yet. It would be like having an empty element, as in the following:
Figure 8.17 (a) Schematic of the Littrow tunable diode laser configuration and (b) commercial realization of the concept. Source: Reprinted with permission from DL100 Brochure Toptica Photonics.
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