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where L is the propagation loss, d is the distance between the transmitter and the receiver, is the wavelength of the RF signal, f is the frequency of the signal, and c is the speed of light. Antenna gains, absorption losses, reflective losses, and several other factors are not taken into account in the above equation. An indoor environment is much more complex to model or predict than this formula suggests. The interested reader can refer to many publications on this topic. This simple equation, however, does show the relation between the transmission frequency and the propagation losses. For example, at a distance of 10 m in free space and with the assumptions listed above, a 802.11g system operating at 2.4 GHz would experience 60 dB of propagation attenuation, whereas an 802.11a system operating at 5.8 GHz would experience 68 dB of propagation losses. The 802.11a has the upper hand when it comes to lack of interferers. This is due to the smaller existing base at the 5-GHz band as well as the wider available spectrum. Additionally, there are far fewer nonwireless LAN systems operating at the 5-GHz band. Such interferers include microwave ovens, security cameras, and cordless phones. From a spectrum availability point of view, the 802.11a has several hundreds of megahertz of bandwidth available to it (although the exact frequencies would depend on the country of operation). In most countries, on the other hand, there is no more than 100 MHz available for users in the 802.11b or g bands. From a power consumption point of view, 802.11b would win against the other standards. This is because it utilizes the simplest modulation technique among the three and therefore does not require a high performance ra-
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Probably the most common means of interacting with a device driver from user mode is via the Win32 API function DeviceIoControl. This function allows a user to send an I/O control code (IOCTL) with an optional input and output buffer to the driver. An I/O control code is a 32-bit value that specifies the device type, the required access, the function code, and transfer type, as shown here:
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The TE can be a specialized UMTS mobile phone. In principle, however, it can be any end system, e.g. a laptop. The TE manages the end system hardware such as display, camera, microphone, etc. It runs the applications, and performs session control by communicating with a peer TE at the other end of the communication session.
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((action (agentidentifier :name j) (deliver package234 (loc 25 35))))
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Perfect! I thought. Finally, somebody is asking the "What do we need to know " question, rather than the "Here are the logs, what do you make of them " question. Not only that, there was a business opportunity for me to go in and give workshops if the survey results showed that the managers are way off base-either asking for too much or not knowing what to ask. Later, I called back to check on the progress. "Have the surveys gone out " "Yes, and response was good. Thirty percent responded." "Really That's a lot. I'm surprised. How long will it take to sort through their replies and figure out the next step " "No time at all. It was multiple choice so we have our answers already." "Multiple choice " "Uh-huh." "So ... you asked them whether they thought page views were important " "And whether they'd like session duration information and that sort of thing. Right." "How did these businesspeople know what they were being asked " "Oh, we took care of that up front. We gave workshops and sent out emails explaining all of the possible metrics and the survey was a list of potential data we could offer." "So you told people what they could choose from " "Right. And they mostly wanted average length of time per visit, how many pages per session, most visited pages, and least visited pages." I was already reaching for the aspirin while contemplating the feedback loop gap (see Figure 15.12).
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4 Can you name a competitive product (Ignore the hoop) 5 What price should it sell for Less than $50 $50 $00 $00 299 More than $300
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In the Geodise project, efforts have been focused on the application of Semantic Web technologies to assist users in solving complex
think of his own electromagnetic model as describing the disturbances of an actual fluid, which is how he viewed the aether, rather than something abstract. It is with some irony then that within three decades after Maxwell s death (in 1879) scientists would banish the aether and reconstitute his theory within a four-dimensional geometric context.
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Figure 4.39 (a) Mean intensity plotted along with the standard deviation as error bars for fixed injection current 27 mA, (b) dynamics targeting by decreasing the injection current from 31 mA to 27 mA as the feedback strength is increased. Source: After [93].
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