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As we have noted above, the extremely large bandwidth of UWB signals results in very high time resolution, which enables very accurate ToA estimation. However, it also poses some challenges in practical systems. First, clock jitter becomes an important factor in evaluating the accuracy of UWB positioning systems [30]. Since UWB pulses have very short (subnanosecond) duration, clock accuracies and drifts in the target and the reference nodes affect the ToA estimates. Another consequence of high time resolution inherent in UWB signals is that the uncertainty region for ToA; that is, the set of delay positions that includes ToA, is usually very large compared with the chip duration. In other words, there is a large number of chips that need to be searched for ToA. This makes conventional correlation-based serial search approaches impractical, and calls for fast ToA estimation schemes (see Section 3.5.2). Finally, high time resolution, or equivalently large bandwidth, of UWB signals makes it very impractical to sample the received signal at or above the Nyquist rate, which is typically on the order of tens of GHz. Therefore, ToA estimation
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If a school trains staff to use its own teaching methods, you ve a better chance of finding work with them without a teaching qualification. Big chains like Callan and Berlitz employ staff in this way, depending on the location. On the other hand, if you re travelling to a part of the world where there are few native English speakers in residence, but the locals have some disposable income, you re more likely to be viewed as a great catch by schools and individual students looking for a tutor, despite your lack of qualifications and experience. Being a native speaker can be your USP (unique selling point), but try not to be complacent. Many EFL teachers have no training whatsoever but still manage to find work and develop their skills while in the job. If you won t be relying on an income from teaching and are unlikely to spend more than a few months in one place, a short taster course is probably all you need. Various organisations offer weekend and short courses in TEFL that give you a taste of what is involved in the job and help you decide whether teaching is for you on a long-term basis. In the UK, for example, Berlitz ( won t employ a teacher who doesn t have a degree and teaching certificate. However, if you apply to one of their schools abroad, you may have the chance to prove yourself on their unpaid training course which lasts one to two weeks. Unfortunately, employers don t view all native speakers as equal. UK, Australian and other accents from economically strong nations are viewed as high status and are more sought after. Students tend to mimic the pronunciation of their teachers and many have distinct preferences about the accent they want to acquire. Countries that use English as just one of their national languages often bring influences from the other language (or languages) into the pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary of their particular variety of English. Some students find Asian and African varieties of English, for example, less desirable than those of the single-language nations. Whatever your accent, practise speaking clearly and accurately. When you start approaching schools, project a professional attitude, a sense of humour and an interest in meeting and helping people. Once you find work, you need more than a great accent to get through the lessons. If a choice of work comes your way, teaching conversation lessons is your best bet for easing yourself into TEFL. Teaching conversation is a little easier because you can concentrate on teaching less technical areas like fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation and avoid tricky grammar questions until you build up your experience. It s inadvisable to advertise yourself as merely a teacher of conversation lessons though, as this can limit your
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MLE of position using LOS delays
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All scripts on CD automatically check whether or not the required COM objects are currently installed on your system. If a COM object is missing, the script won t sit silently. Instead, it will tell you which component is missing, and all you need to do is install the component from the companion CD. But what if you can t get a COM object installed What if some source code won t compile On the next couple of pages, I ll provide you with a lot of undocumented background details that will help you understand (and resolve) those issues.
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where (0 1) determines the weight by which the RTTl calculated is affected by the newly measured round-trip delay. In practice, is a controllable parameter that affects how fast the calculated RTTl will converge to a new stationary value of round-trip delay if a change in the traf c load is permanent. A smaller means faster convergence, which is an important characteristic because it is desirable for a routing protocol to adapt quickly to network changes. However, a smaller also normally leads to a larger error, which is the difference between a given calculated RTTl and its actual stationary value. Ideally, the error should be minimized so that a routing protocol will not adapt chaotically to transient changes in the network. Thus, adjusting can lead to two clearly con icting outcomes that need to be optimized. Unfortunately, optimizing to achieve the faster convergence and the smallest error is not trivial in the absence of a formula relating to the round-trip delay. In practice, is determined by trial and error for a given target of convergence time and tolerable error. When there is no single value of that can simultaneously satisfy the convergence time and tolerable error requirements, an alternative is to nd two values, time and error , one for each of the two requirements [22]. Usually, time < error for the reasons given above. Then, two round-trip delays, RTTl,time and RTTl,error , can be calculated as follows: RTTl,time = (1 time )RTTl,new + time RTTl,time . RTTl,error = (1 error )RTTl,new + error RTTl,error . (6.20)
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QAM Mapping
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As you configure security on your router, you may have a choice between an older, less secure standard (Wired Equivalent Privacy, or WEP) and the newer, more secure standard (Wi-Fi Protected Access, or WPA). There are several levels of WPA. Any will suffice for home networks. You should be sure that your wireless network adapter supports the level of security you choose on the router. Choose the highest level of encryption supported by all wireless devices. For practical consideration, it does not matter considerably whether you use WEP or WPA. WEP has some weaknesses that will allow a determined attacker to crack the encryption and gain access to your data and network, but the protocol is widely available and still serves as a good deterrent against casual misuse of your wireless network. Some older devices only support WEP, and wireless routers only support using one security protocol at a time, so if you have one of these older devices you will be forced to use WEP on your network. WPA is a newer standard that provides greater protection than WEP. The general process for setting up WEP or WPA is: 1. Enable WPA on your wireless access point. This is usually best done from a computer that is connected to your router via an Ethernet cable, but it can be done from a computer that is connected via wireless. When you change wireless security settings, you will have to reconfigure the wireless network settings on your client computers, so connecting via wired Ethernet will allow you to complete the configuration without disruption. To access the configuration screens, you connect to your router in the same way as described earlier in the Routers section. Once connected, browse your router s interface and locate a section that has a title similar to Wireless: Security. Figure 4-7 shows this screen on a Westell 327W DSL Modem with Integrated Wireless Access Point. Different hardware will have different interface screens, but they should have similar titles and fields. Select WEP or WPA from the drop-down list. Remember that all wireless clients must use the same protocol.
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These are the selling counterparts of the spec sheet, but they tend to have colorful illustrations and attention grabbing headlines and speak in terms of benefits rather than features to urge the reader to contact his dealer. Most have a single sheet format but some, according to prestige or need, run to four pages. Sales leaflets can be one of the hardest documents to write in-house because everything has to be condensed and made simple. The chairman of my Internet software company was a quiet and thoughtful man who among other enterprises had set up one of the original X-vision firms in the late 1980s. We didn t always share the same point of view but we were usually able to talk things through and work out a stronger result. The only time we ever raised our voices was when we tried to write our own sales sheets and clashed over the use of terms, what ought to have priority, and the trickiness of separating functionality from benefits. If you experience difficulty in putting your sales leaflets together, perhaps you should consider talking to a professional copywriter and designer who are used to producing these items.
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It is possible to load the software from Windows Home Server s shared folders. Open \\Server\ Software\Home Server Connector Software\ from Windows Explorer and double-click the setup executable. If you are prompted for a username and password, use Administrator for the username, and your Windows Home Server s administration password. The remainder of the process is identical to installing from CD.
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124 5: Handling and Parsing XML in J2ME
keys function to the hash and using a foreach loop: @keylist = keys(%postcode); foreach $key (@keylist) { print $key, ":\t", $postcode{$key}, "\n"; }
case 2: other_int = 30; break; default: other_int = 50; break; }
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